4YE Quicklist: TV vs. Movie: Who Played It Better?

In pop culture, we have been blessed to have characters come to life not only on the big screen but also on our TV screens. Each adaption of our favorites has been a real treat to watch but sometimes, we can honestly say a certain actor has played a character better. 

Here’s our quicklist of who we thought played the following iconic characters better!



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Sherlock Holmes is kind of a big deal. We got three awesome actors here to bring Sherlock on-screen. Benedict Cumberbatch is the modern Sherlock Holmes on the British hit series Sherlock. Then we got Elementary star Jonny Lee Miller and last but not least Robert Downey Jr. as movie Sherlock Holmes. The special thing about RDJ would be at first of course that he is not even British. He is American but I totally believed in his performance as the British super detective. He did an amazing job.

In the series Sherlock, we have Benedict Cumberbatch. I also like his Sherlock very much because the character is so fixed on the important things and everything you can explain with logic. He seems not to care so much about women or friendships, except his friendship to Dr. Watson. He is the opposite to the Sherlock of the Elementary series.

Miller’s Sherlock is able to connect to people and using them. I am with the people who have read the Sherlock Holmes books.  What I like most about Miller’s Sherlock is the inclusion of the drug history. It makes sense to me, and the idea to have Dr. Joan Watson as his personal addiction coach is great.

All in all I’m fascinated by all these characters and non of the Sherlocks are bad. They’re all incredible. But in the end, I have to say that I most adore Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock. On the one hand, he is really funny and he’s in the traditional time. 



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And what would do our Sherlock without his better half John Watson? The relationship between these two always has to be epic. In case of Miller’s Sherlock on Elementary we do not get a John, we have Joan Watson portrayed by Lucy Liu. She is more than just sweet. For the big screen, we have Jude Law, who is the movie John Watson and better half to RDJs Sherlock. The on-screen chemistry between him and Robert Downey Jr. is magnificent. And then we have Martin Freeman, who is always by the side of his personal Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch on Sherlock.

Of the three, Lucy Liu’s Joan Watson gets my vote. I love the idea of a female Watson, and I have the feeling that her character is, out of all Watsons, the one who could function without a Sherlock. Thank God we don’t have to see a Watson without his/her Sherlock – these two are too awesome together.  Liu’s Watson is independent, strong and intelligent. Sometimes you get the feeling that she would be able to challenge him. She is a friend, doctor, supporter and student of Sherlock, always around him and their characters interact with each other on many different levels.



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Irene Adler. She is the woman of the Sherlock Holmes stories and a wonderful female character. To not mess it up to much, we’ll just have a look at Lara Pulver and Rachel McAdams, because our dear Irene in Elementary is kinda also Moriarty and… just strange. Good, but strange. Lara Pulver portrays the modern Irene Adler in the BBC series Sherlock. Strong, independent and a dominatrix. Very interesting in her own way. Rachel McAdams is our movie Irene Adler and more traditional. She’s sassy and classy. In her case, you can totally understand why Sherlock is so into her. They are perfect for each other.

All in all, I have to say that for me the TV Irene is better. Why? Yeah, she is wilder and sometimes you don’t really get why Sherlock seems to like her. He doesn’t even seem to understand himself.  She is probably the only woman on the planet that can get Sherlock’s attention. And she gets it not because she’s sexy – she gets it because she is intelligent. The TV Irene Adler is just incredible and shows how many facets a woman can have. That’s what I personally miss sometimes whenever I watch movies or series. Also Rachel McAdams’ version shows a lot of facets but in the TV version these facets are just more powerful, and Lara Pulver manages it to put together opposites.



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Not too many fans of the todays hit series Teen Wolf have also seen the movie Teen Wolf from 1985 which is actually the basis of the series. I’ve seen it and maybe it is that I just can’t get connected to Michael J. Fox as Scott Howard but I totally prefer our today’s Scott McCall. The movie and the character Scott Howard is not totally bad. All in all, the two characters have many similarities. The idea of the movie’s story was taken for the series, and they changed a lot and made it fit the time today. They just made everything better including the characters.



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I’m a big comics fan, and Lex Luthor is one of my favorite characters of all time. I loved him in Smallville when he was portrayed by Michael Rosenbaum, and I loved the character when Jesse Eisenberg took the role for Batman VS Superman. The biggest difference between Lex in the movies and in the series is that TV had seasons to introduce his character, get loved by the people and stay by the side of the fans. Lex in the movies just show up for two hours and then you love him or you don’t. That’s basically it, and Michael Rosenbaum is like a family member as Lex Luthor. You know him, you like him – but Jesse Eisenberg just kicked ass! I liked his performance as Lex Luthor a lot, and I think when his character returns there will be a lot more that his character has to give. He just made me excited for more.

Who do you think played it better? Hit the comments with your thoughts!