4YE Fright Nights: Spooky Podcasts You Should Give A Listen To

Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr

It’s that time of year where everything seems a little creepier.

Doesn’t it, folks?

As a fan of Halloween, I love as the air turns crisp, ghosts haunt my screens, and it seems appropriate to bust out things that go bump in the night. (Except, if you live in the US, clowns.)

While I’m not the biggest horror person in the world, I do admit enjoying some spooky and creepy forms of media. There’s a lot of interesting and creative stuff going on in the podcast world.

So let’s shine a light on some of these shows, shall we? Maybe you’ll fine something to listen to alone on Halloween.

Welcome to Night Vale

Credit: Night Vale Productions
Credit: Night Vale Productions

This is definitely an obligatory podcast that I had to put on the list. With almost a hundred episodes, Welcome to Night Vale has created a lot of wonderfully creepy content over the course of several years. There are books. There are live shows. It’s always full of humor and cosmic horror. Plus the sweet love story of radio host Cecil Palmer (Cecil Baldwin) and Carlos the Scientist (Dylan Marron) along with a cast of strange and wonderful characters.

It’s like Stars Hollow meets Twin Peaks meets a Lovecraft novel. Despite the death total, you love checking in on Night Vale.

If you haven’t listened to it, then do so now.

Other Shows from Night Vale Presents: Alice Isn’t Dead, Within the WiresThe Orbiting Human Circus (Of The Air)

The Black Tapes

Credit: Pacific Northwest Stories
Credit: Pacific Northwest Stories

The Black Tapes podcast follows the adventures of Alex Reagan, a podcaster for Pacific Northwest Stories, and Dr. Richard Strand, a paranormal investigator who doesn’t believe in the paranormal. In fact, Strand goes out of his way to debunk everything and offers a million dollars for those who can prove the paranormal exists. While he is able to solve most of these cases, there are his mysterious Black Tapes. Things that he could not solve to his satisfaction.

The podcast follows Reagan and Strand as they dive into the mysterious of the Black Tapes. I’m working my way through the show. I can tell you that this is as scary as I can stand it. There’s one part about a sound that can kill you called the Unsound. I always make sure to skip over it. It’s a definite recommend if you want to be scared this Halloween.

Other Shows from PNWS: Tanis


Credit: Two-Up Productions
Credit: Two-Up Productions

Limetown is a, at the moment, seven-part miniseries that follows the journey of American Public Radio reporter Lia Haddock (Annie-Sage Whitehurst) as she uncovers the mystery of Limetown. The titular town was some kind of government think tank (like Eureka). After three days following a phone call, all 300 residents have disappeared. No one has surfaced since then, not even Lia’s uncle.

The series is Lia trying to figure out the mystery. Survivors start to surface, bodies start to pile up, and Lia has a function in this story. Limetown is chilling, compelling, heart-breaking, and a fantastically plotted mystery.

The only bummer is we don’t have season two yet.

King Falls AM

Credit: Make Believe Picture Company
Credit: Make Believe Picture Company

King Falls AM is like a more whacky version of Welcome to Night Vale. I would call this The Addams Family of the list: fun, mysterious, spooky but ultimately gives a cozy feeling in the creepiness. Radio host Sammy Stevens moves to King Falls to take over their early morning show on the AM station. With his co-host, life-long King Falls resident Ben Arnold, Sammy (a skeptic) is introduced to the Gravity Falls-esque weirdness of King Falls where there’s a Civil War General who makes you get lost when driving, alien abductions, skinwalkers, and mayors with God complexes.

King Falls AM really shines with its large cast of distinct characters. The almost brotherly relationship between Sammy and Ben is my favorite thing about the show. They’re just so charming. King Falls is actually a town I would like to live in. My chances of death seem less than if I went to Night Vale.

So what kind of spooky podcasts do you all listen to around this time?

Bec Heim