The Space Between Us Trailer Shows Earth From The View Of The Ultimate Outsider

Credit: STX Entertainment
Credit: STX Entertainment

Call me a sucker, but I always liked sci-fi/fantasy romances.

Like not the ones that take place in a dystopian future, but the ones that take place between people who feel so utterly different in the world. Usually, one of them actually is and they find solace in each other.

Of course, that is if they’re well-written. (Looking at you Twilight.)

The Space Between Us does seem to have a romance set-up between Gardner (Asa Butterfield) and Tulsa (Britt Robertson).

The catch is that Gardner is the only Martian in the history of ever. His mother was one of the first colonizers of the planet, who didn’t know she was pregnant. She died during childbirth, leaving him with a lot of questions. The majority of the movie is him and Tulsa trying to find his father. So Gardner grew up on the Red Planet, raised by the other colonizers, but dreaming of Earth.

The more deeper romance, at least in the trailers, is that of Gardner and Earth. He is the ultimate outsider, who is experiencing the planet for the first time. And he falls in love with it. There’s something kind of uplifting and wonderful about it.

Of course, the major bummer is that Gardner cannot stay. Earth’s atmosphere is literally killing him because he’s used to the Mars.

Well that’s not good.

The Space Between Us comes out December 16th. You can see the newest trailer below.


Bec Heim