Stan Lee Says Scott Derrickson Did Doctor Strange Right

Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues its seemingly never-ending expansion with their Phase 3, which began earlier this year with the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War, and will continue in November with Doctor Strange.

Phase 3 will further explore the cosmic side of the MCU, which has been teased and briefly explored in past movies, but with the introduction of the Sorcerer Supreme in Doctor Strange, the audience will delve deeper into unknown dimensions.

The trailers and pics released so far have given us a glimpse of the mind-bending visuals that await, something that many of us are eagerly looking forward to see on the big screen as the Doctor Strange comics are a visual delight. However, many fans are (understandably) concerned about how could all that magic by translated to the big screen.

Fear not: here comes Stan Lee to tell us everything will be fine.

During his appearance at Fan Expo Canada, Stan Lee told attendees that director Scott Derrickson got Doctor Strange right – although they did had a small discussion because Stan Lee was not cast as Doctor Strange.

Hey, I wasn’t cast as Doctor Strange either, Mr. Lee. But what are we going to do about that? That lucky Cumberbatch.

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The movie has been described by its DP Ben Davis as “Marvel’s Fantasia” and Derrickson himself has said that this is “the movie where Marvel goes full weird” – and those of us who were at this year’s Marvel panel in San Diego Comic Con got a taste of the psychedelic, mind-blowing visuals that the movie will have, which truly resemble Strange’s trippy comic book panels.

What I’m trying to say is: there’s nothing to fear. And if you don’t trust me (shame on you) then trust Stan the Man when he tells you that Doctor Strange was done justice.

Now we just have to wait until November 4 to meet Stephen Strange and visit dimensions that will make our minds explode.