Someone Spliced Deadpool Into Captain America: Civil War And The Results Were Awesome

Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr

Ah the Internet.

Sometimes you can be a little cray. Other times you can be the worst place on Earth.

Then, sometimes, you can be pretty amazing.

One thing that most Marvel fans would like to see is the shared universe of the films grow much like comic books. People want to see Wolverine versus the Hulk in live action. They want to see Professor X get called in to consult.

They want Wanda to be Magneto’s daughter (like she should).

Alas, 20th Century Fox shows no sign of letting those properties go anytime soon. Their films are still going kind of strong.

Or, at least, they’re going stronger than Sony’s fair went before the Marvel deal.

Still, fans like to dream. And, of course, after his big film debut they want to see Deadpool/Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) hit the big screen with the Avengers.

In a fan made clip, which is credited to Reddit /u/riceandnori, this is done. More importantly, it was done so amazingly and seamlessly that Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds shared the clip online.

Fittingly, at least if you’re on the Internet a lot, we see a quick moment between Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and the Merc with a Mouth. Using footage from Deadpool’s bridge scene mixed with the Airport scene of Civil War, things look pretty seamless.

Like Deadpool is chilling and watching the battle going down. Which is what he would do, let’s be real here.

Check out the clip below.


Bec Heim