Selene Is Back: Trailer For Underworld: Blood Wars Released

UnderworldBloodWarsCredit: Facebook/ @UnderworldMovie

It’s been four years since we last saw Selene take on the Lycans in order to protect her own daughter Eve.

Next January her journey continues and we have finally got the first trailer.

The trailer starts out with Selene narrating what has happened in the past, with the Lycans and Vampires being at war with each other for centuries. She goes on explaining that the war is personal for her because they hunted down everyone she loved.

New images of the upcoming movie are shown after Selene announces that “now a new war is being waged.” After all, “this day was bound to happen.”

Theo James returns as the Vampire David, whom we’ve already met in Underworld: Awakening and who actually died at the end of the movie. So how can he be back?

He probably tells Selene that the Lycans have a new leader Marius, who seems to be the strongest opponent Selene has yet to take on.

Charles Dance is back as David’s father Thomas and he knows that the vampires need Selene (and her blood) to win this war. However, James Faulkner’s character, whose name we don’t know yet, is certain that they can’t trust her.

There are a lot of fight scenes following and Selene tells us that the more blood that is shed, the stronger the Lycans get. The only logic solution is to destroy the Lycans, right?

We also see the first glimpse of Lara Pulver (Sherlock) in the movie who drinks blood out of a huge cup (maybe even Selene’s blood?). Her character’s name is Semira and apparently she will play the female villain of the movie.

The trailer ends with a surprised David who stares at Selene, who looks slightly different now: The tips of her hair are blond compared to her usual black hair and we can only imagine what might have happened as it must be something shocking. Maybe she has died as well and got resurrected?

Whatever it is, we cannot wait to finally watch the movie. Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think about it!


Anna Hattingen