Ryan Potter Talks His Robin Fight Video And Need For Asian American Visibility

Credit: Force Storm Ent
Credit: Force Storm Ent

On Saturday, DC fans were given an amazing surprise courtesy of Big Hero 6 star Ryan Potter.

A video of the actor was uploaded to YouTube entitled “TIM DRAKE CONCEPT FIGHT” showcasing some amazing stunt choreography from the actor. Apparently, it took three-and-a-half hours to learn and film, which is really impressive.

At the end of the video, Potter said: “Hey Ben. Like Tim said, ‘Batman needs a Robin’.”

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the evidence is clear that Batman lost a Robin. In Suicide Squad, the evidence was clearly pointing to Harley Queen (Margot Robbie) as dealing the killing blow.

Now, unsurprisingly, this Robin was Jason Todd. Unless something horrible and unmentioned happened to Dick Grayson.

Canonically Tim Drake, the third Robin, took the role with the understanding that Batman needs a Robin in order to slow down the older hero and have him consider his actions. Drake was the tech experts and a master detective in his own right, earning the respect of Ra’s al Ghul. He also figured out who Batman and Robin were as a child, but kept the identity to himself.

I love Tim Drake, and Ryan Potter’s audition makes me want him to be Tim Drake. The character does not get a lot of love in outside media. But he’s such a great character.

Potter has another reason why he wants to play the character, outside of being a fan of Drake.

In a interview with Hollywoord Reporter’s Heat Vision, he said: “This was really just to start that dialogue, and it’s clearly done so. In the [YouTube] comments, I see time and time again, ‘I don’t want to see an Asian Tim Drake,’ and other people go, ‘Hey, he’s also half-Caucasian.’ On the other end of the spectrum, I see people say, ‘Oh my God, he looks just like him. We need him as Tim Drake.’ That’s exactly what I wanted to happen.”

He boiled it down to what he simply wanted: “I thought it would be absolutely amazing to see an Asian-American face in that cast.”

I’m totally down to see this happening. Make it happen, Ben Affleck!

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