Lin-Manuel Miranda Wants Fans To Know The Real Hamilton In Hamilton’s America

Credit: Richard Rogers Theatre
Credit: Hamilton

In a few short weeks, a documentary will premiere on PBS.

This documentary is easily one of the most anticipated things of 2016. As it is about Hamilton, if you don’t know what Hamilton is…well congrats for ignoring everything in the pop culture realm for the past year.

Hamilton’s America is a documentary to combines the meteoric rise of the play with telling the life story of Alexander Hamilton. Because while Hamilton is absolutely a-maz-ing, it is telling a story. Sometimes, stories aren’t that entirely close to the truth.

So what does Lin-Manuel Miranda want folks to get from this doc?

Well he wants it to be a teaching moment for fans of the musical who may not be the biggest history buffs ever.

In an video interview with PBS, he said: “This is a great way of seeing how Hamilton meets the world. Hamilton was a real person, and the founding of our country is an incredible story.”

I’m super interested to see how the two parts of the documentary are woven together. And it just looks absolutely amazing in all the trailers and teasers and press that I’ve seen for it. Personally, I’m super excited for October 21st to come so I can watch it.

Daveed Diggs is also excited for fans to learn something as well.

I really hope that viewers watching this learn a lot of history, and that helps them feel closer to Hamilton our musical.”

I’m ready to learn. Let’s do this thing!

You can see the video below.


Bec Heim