Get Ready To Get Ghosted With Adam Scott And Craig Robinson In New Series

Credit: MGM
Credit: MGM

Two of our favorite sitcom kings are coming back to the small screen in a major way. Adam Scott of Parks and Recreation fame, and Craig Robinson, well-known from his years on The Offfice, are tapped to star in a new Fox comedy.

The comedy has a paranormal theme. That sounds awfully familiar cough * The X-Files *cough , but who am I to say?

The show is called Ghosted and will center on Robinson, a non-believer slash skeptic, and Scott, a true believer. The pair is hired by a government agency, the Underground Investigative Service, to take control of some “unexplained activity” happening in Los Angeles. To make it better, the duo is also well on its way to revealing a disturbing mystery that could threaten humanity.

Oh my goodness! This sounds like a recipe for success as a show. The TV pair sound like a recipe for disaster. Haven’t you ever wondered what The X-Files would be like if it were even a little less…dark? Due to the fact that I was afraid of The X-Files as a child, I have wondered that! And I’m looking forward to seeing it. To me, it sounds like Psych meets X-Files, and I think that it is one of the best combinations I have heard in a while.

In addition to Scott and Robinson being actual comedic geniuses (the two have also teamed up before in Hot Tub Time Machine 2), this show has a super funny and talented production team behind it.

The stars are set to executive produce the series along with Scott’s wife, Naomi Scott, and Tom Gormican. Gormican, who previously wrote and directed the Zac Efron/Miles Teller/Michael B. Jordan bro comedy That Awkward Moment, will write the script for the series.

To catch these guys before Ghosted premieres, look for Robinson on Mr. Robot, and Scott in HBO’s Big Little Lies. We will keep you updated on developments for Ghosted. Check back soon!

Abby Bertrand