Could We Be #SquadGoals? Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Proves We’re Behind The Times

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In my favorite interview of the year, Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven aka El) quizzes Stephen Colbert about the definition of several millennial slang terms.

On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, guest star Brown was asked about her friend group and what it takes to be apart of her squad. Colbert sadly didn’t make the cut – but I would totally let him into my squad for free.

So, what exactly did Brown have to say? According to Brown, she didn’t even know what squad meant until new friend Maddie Ziegler told her! Brown exclaims, “I know, that was a big change in my life.” Meanwhile, the audience is dying from cuteness overload – how could you not?

Brown explains that although her squad with Ziegler has no name, yet, they are currently taking “castings now.”

So, obviously it was Colbert’s time to shine.

Question 1: “What does bae mean?”

Colbert Answer: “Bae, it’s your sweetie. It’s your special one.”

Brown clarifies,” Yeah, but what does it stand for?”

Colbert Attempt 2: “Bae-by….?” 

Correct Answer: “Before Anyone Else.”

The next question involved the term “lit” which Colbert learns stands for nothing really.

The Late Night host was able to get “RT” aka. Re-tweet, which delighted Brown to no end!

Watch the interview below (it’s too cute not to):

Stranger Things season two is in production, but not many spoilers are out yet.

Keep your eyes and ears open fandom because we know creepiness is coming!

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