Blacklist Is Back With An Explosive Season Four Premiere

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Blacklist friends, we are officially back in business!!!

If your summer was as long and busy as mine was, you may need a refresher on where Red, Liz, and company left off. To remember what the heck was going on, read over the season three finale recap and my take on a couple of NBC’s season four previews for our favorite show.

I am serious – I cannot express how excited I am to have this fantastic show back on my television. The amount I have missed these crazy people is indescribable. Okay, now that that’s out of the way… Let’s get crackin’, shall we?

Credit: NBC

When we last left the crew, Liz and Agnes had been taken, and Red. Is. Pissed. At the world, at Kaplan, and literally everyone who gets in his way. This week’s Blacklist-er is Esteban. Red is on the hunt in Cuba, and taking names (and heads).

Cooper, Ressler, Samar, and Aram are stunned to learn that Liz is alive. Rightfully so, they are a little salty, but it does not stop them from intercepting Alexander Kirk’s plane out of Cuba. Meanwhile, Red is killing literally anyone that stands between Liz and him.

“We’re Going After Elizabeth”

With Red still upset with Kaplan, he relies mainly on Dembe and island resources. He visits and subsequently threatens a slew of people in his quest to find Liz. Unremarkably, he is making no effort to find Tom or even Agnes. Poor Tom is trapped in the back of a car, unable to even be rescued by the police. Agnes is up front with a scary man and woman, screeching her little heart out.

The Whole Truth?

As Liz tries to defy Kirk, she finds out Tom is in trouble. Kirk explains to her that, as an infant, she was his whole world – and Katarina’s. Reddington and Katarina had an affair for sometime, and while Red was convinced Mosha was his child, Kirk has proof she is not. One day, Kirk returned home to find Mosha missing, and presumed her dead until he saw her on TV. He claims that everything since then he has done to get Liz away from Reddington. You remember… Shooting up the wedding, sending Solomon after her, all that…

Wants and Needs

It does not take long to find where Kirk is holding Liz. Red and Dembe charge the room and demand to take Liz with them. For a change, Reddington is the one offering anything and everything to spare the life of a loved one. Kirk tells him that the only thing he wants from Red is the more than twenty years with his daughter he was deprived. As the FAR (whatever they are) get closer, Liz pleads with Red to leave, to go find Agnes and Tom. She needs to know they are safe. With a final promise to come back for her, Red and Dembe disappear.

And speaking of Tom, how’s he doing? Well, not great. After a couple of standoffs, he is taken to the middle of nowhere and handed off to the man meant to kill him.

Who’s Esteban?

After Red leaves Kirk’s place, he calls the post office immediately. Though he does not know Kirk’s exit plan, he knows how they can find out: Manuel Esteban. Esteban is an enforcer who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. While he was presumed dead in 1989, Red insists he is alive and well. According to Reddington, the CIA will know where to find Esteban, and Esteban will know where to find Liz.

It turns out Reddington is right, and Esteban is a real sicko. After Panabakers gives Cooper the key to finding Esteban in Cuba, Ressler heads there undercover. He makes the trip alone, as Samar is uncomfortable with what they are about to do to help Liz after she mislead them – again. When Ressler, as a tourist, orders an “egg coffee” as directed, he actually gets abducted, presumably by Esteban’s people.

The positive to all this is that Ressler is able to get Esteban to contact Red. When the two villains meet each other, they come to an agreement and Esteban gets a location on Liz. The only problem is that she is being heavily guarded. So Red sets out to find an army.

We’re Coming For You

Tom unsurprisingly turns the tables on his would-be-executioner, and warns Kirk that he is coming for his wife and daughter. “A whole army is coming for you,” he threatens. As Liz tries to escape Kirk’s clutches one last time, the plane arrives to take them away. Red, Dembe, Kaplan, and a bunch of men show up right as the plan is taking off, and it is all hands on deck to try to save the baby.

Despite being told to “stay put,” Kaplan acts when she sees a woman with baby stuff, and finally stumbles upon the mean lady from earlier with Agnes in her arms. “That’s not your child,” she says as she pulls a gun on the woman. Kaplan saves the day once more, and saves Agnes. Red looks on the bright side – at least they have Agnes – and is maybe (hopefully) considering Kaplan’s earlier warning about needing to change.

Crash, Bang, Boom!

As Red’s crew makes their getaway with Agnes in tow, they receive a call from Tom. They tell him that Agnes is safe but they were too late for Liz. Out of nowhere, a blue sedan comes crashing into the side of the car. While Red, Dembe, and Kaplan are knocked out, the evil guy from earlier takes Agnes. Kaplan, just on the edge of consciousness, watches him walk away.

Holy. Hell. Blacklist writers came back with a bang! Most episodes of The Blacklist can be described as “explosive” and “intriguing,” but this one kept us guessing until the very last moment. With Liz MIA, we can only hope that this upcoming season will not be a never ending game of “just missed her.”

This episode was seriously good, and we need to watch it over and over again. Welcome to season four, Blacklist fans! We are in for a wild ride!

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