4YE Takes On Baltimore Comic Con: Highlights From BCC

Credit: Catherine Meushaw/4YE


Last weekend, I had the chance to attend Baltimore Comic Con, which is an excellent con for first time con-goers and people who are really into comics. Baltimore Comic Con has a bigger focus on comics and comic creators, so it’s a great opportunity to meet some of the people involved in creating your favorite characters. There were only five media guests; Michael Rowe (Deadshot on Arrow), Candice Patton (Iris on The Flash), Kristian Nairn (Hodor on Game of Thrones), Sean Astin (Sam in Lord of the Rings), and Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter in the MCU).





Saturday, I decided to cosplay as Alex Danvers from Supergirl and learned a valuable lesson about gel insoles and taking elevators when possible. When you park on the eighth level of the garage and you’ve been working around in work boots all day, take the elevator.

Alex Danvers cosplay
Credit: Catherine Meushaw/4YE


Sean Astin’s panel was Saturday, here are some highlights:

  • His favorite scene to shoot in The Goonies was the scene where Mikey (Astin) and Andy (Kerri Green) kiss. Although he was disappointed it was done in two takes. Astin also joked that a Goonies sequel will happen at some point but he’s beginning to think it will be a reboot.

  • Astin talked a lot about his mom, Patty Duke, who passed back in March. He talked about working with her on the after school special, “Please Don’t Hit Me, Mom.” Astin said when Duke asked him if he wanted to be in it, his first two questions were “Do I get paid?” and “Do I get out of school?” It was a yes for both, but the money went into a college fund and he had to get a tutor. Duke helped him with his audition and taught him his first few lessons about acting while they were working on that special.

  • When the cast of Lord of the Rings went to get their matching tattoos, Astin and Billy Boyd got theirs on their ankles and he talked about how much it hurt (his daughter had to hold his hand). Elijah Wood got his below the belt and it became an in joke with the cast and crew.

  • Ian McKellen introduced Astin and some others to fanfiction and also took them out to gay bars.

  • He gave some acting advice, “When you’re an actor and you’re asked if you know how to do something, you always say yes” and basically said you figure out how to do it. He used horseback riding as an example

  • Apparently, when Lord of the Rings was done filming, they let the cast take a lot from the set, he got Sam’s backpack, some pots and pans, the sword, and most importantly, the dress his daughter wore for the third film.

  • Astin forgot his vest when they were filming the “Farewell to Frodo” scene in the third film, so they had to redo it and his cast-mates weren’t happy about it.

  • Astin was able to remember a number of his Lord of the Rings lines including the potato line and “There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.”

After the panel, I decided to get Astin’s autograph and see if I could ask him a question. Thankfully, he chatted with each fan a little and I was able to ask him if he had a dream project. Astin said they had tried really hard to turn Lois Lowry’s Number the Stars into a movie and it didn’t happen, but he’d still like it to. He also said that he really wants to do a movie about running.





When they let us in, I made a beeline for Atwell’s autograph line. I was in front of a girl who had met Atwell two or three times already and was wearing a really cool dress.

Credit: Catherine Meushaw/4YE

When it was my turn to get Atwell’s autograph, I’m honestly surprised I was able to form words. I don’t even remember what I said to her, I just remember she was really nice and I couldn’t stop smiling after.


Atwell’s panel started a little late and ended rather abruptly, but I got an excellent seat and was able to Periscope it. A few highlights from her panel:

  • Atwell talked about visiting the Captain America: Civil War set when they filmed Peggy’s funeral. She ended up getting a copy of the program they used and explained they went all out when they created it.

  • Atwell said if there was a season three of Agent Carter, she’d want it to be filmed in London and see more of Peggy’s life before the war.

  • She discussed getting discovered by Woody Allen and some of the differences between stage and film. She compared filming a movie to football (American) with all of the stopping and starting.

  • A year before season one of Agent Carter started filming, she ran into James D’Arcy and told him about it. Around when filming started, D’Arcy called her to tell her that he was playing Jarvis.

  • In regards to the move to LA for season two, she liked the contrast of the “dark underbelly” of LA with the brightness and glamour.

  • Atwell talked about her new ABC show, Conviction, her character, Hayes Morrison, is very different from Peggy. Some of the words she used to describe Hayes were, “naughty,” “rebellious,” and “annoyingly brilliant.”

You can check out the whole Periscope:

After the panel, I made my way downstairs to the photo op area.  For my photo, I did something a little different and had Atwell hold a Wynonna Earp comic, thanks to a challenge by some fellow Earpers.

Photo with Hayley Atwell BCC 2016
Credit: Catherine Meushaw/4ye


It was a really good weekend, despite some minor missteps and I would really encourage anyone who lives near Baltimore to make the trip to the con next year. The con is September 22-24, 2017 and you can subscribe to the newsletter to avoid missing any guest announcements.

I took a few pictures of the different cosplayers I saw, you can check them out below.