4YE Quick List: In Appreciation Of Richard Gilmore: His Best Moments

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Sadly, the Gilmore Girls revival will be happening without its patriarch Richard Gilmore due to Edward Herrmann’s sudden death on New Year’s Eve 2014. However, he won’t be forgotten and will be greatly missed throughout all four new episodes.

We already know that his memory will be honored during the revival and before the new episodes are going to air in a little over two months, we wanted to look back at Richard’s 15 best moments during the show’s first seven seasons.

1. Richard Teaches Rory How To Golf (1×03)

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Remember when Rory had to get into sports and Emily decided that Richard could teach her how to golf because it’s one of the sports Chilton offered? We do and it was adorable to watch how Richard and Rory got to bond over it, even though he didn’t even want to take her with him to the club. It was clear to all of us just how proud Richard was of his granddaughter while he was talking to his friends and it was a great start to a great relationship between them.

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2. Richard spends a day in Stars Hollow (2×12)
Admittedly, it wasn’t his idea to spend his day with Lorelai in Stars Hollow, but Emily’s, who just got annoyed of having him around all the time. After all, he had just retired, which already seems weird to even think about. He kept annoying Lorelai as well, though in the end he was proud of what Lorelai had accomplished all on her own while raising Rory at the same time. It also showed how complex their relationship actually is, but they still love each other, which is the most important thing.

3. When Richard takes his girls to Yale (3×08)

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It was actually obvious that Richard did not only want to take them there to show them the campus and we all probably were pissed that Richard forced Rory to have that interview with the dean of admissions. However, before that it was just adorable to see him and Emily relive their beginnings. Remember the spot where he proposed to her? Just so cute!

4. The way Richard and Rory negotiate the loan for Yale (3×22)
Truth be told, it was incredibly brave of Rory to go to her grandparents and ask for a loan to pay for college. The usual Friday night dinners were reinstated and we totally loved it. Though, what we loved more was the way the grandfather/-daughter duo negotiated it. Richard refused to call it a loan and probably didn’t even want Rory to pay them back at all if Rory hadn’t insisted. It’s just another moment that showed us that he and Emily would do anything for Rory and that they couldn’t be prouder of her.

5. Rory’s graduation gift (3×22)

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Oh Emily and Richard were so excited to give Rory their gift for her graduation and when the moment finally arrived it was just hilarious. He proudly announces to his granddaughter that it’s “the one with the bow” not knowing that in the meantime several cars had been parked around Rory’s new car and all of them had a huge bow on top of them. Poor Richard, though his excitement and idea was just too adorable to forget.

6. The Harvard-Yale football game (4×09)
Of course a football game between Harvard and Yale cannot be happening without the Gilmores and it’s rather obvious how excited Richard is that he’s able to take Rory and Lorelai to the game. The moment they went to see the first Dan before the game was just precious. They handed out the flasks, of course there was an extra “Rory Flask” and then they toasted to Dan. He also proves that he’s an excellent singer when he started a Yale song to which everyone else sang along as well.

Watch it here.

7. When he loses his mother (4×16)

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That not everything is great and exciting is never more evident than in the episode where we learn that the reigning Lorelai “Trix” has died. We got to see a Richard we haven’t seen before and it’s just heartbreaking to see him like this and it makes him even more lovable. Edward Herrmann was an incredible talented actor and we can see just how talented he was in that episode.

8. Richard and Emily fight (5×01)
It’s never fun to watch one of our favorite couple’s fight, but the way Richard and Emily did during their toughest time together is just hilarious to watch and it proves that they are definitely Lorelai’s parents (not that we ever doubted that). The one fighting scene I want to point out to you is the one that happened in the season five premier. Emily rummages through their basement to get her European luggage (does she have luggage for every continent?!) and announces to Richard that she’ll have two glasses of wine for lunch while being in Europe. The way Richard reacts is just priceless and he clearly can’t believe what’s coming from his wife. After all, “only prostitutes have two glasses of wine for lunch.”

Watch the hilarious moment here.

9. Richard, Emily and a dog (5×11)

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Dan is obviously not the only dog in Emily’s and Richard’s life and he gets serious competition in 5×11 when a dog just appears on their patio and scares Emily. Both of them were extremely adorable, as is the way Richard just tries to find out everything about it. Also, Richard and Emily start to bond again over the dog and it’s just relieving to see that they still clearly love each other.

10. When Richard gets jealous (5×12)
The time when Emily and Richard weren’t together is one we’d rather forget. But it happened and we’re just glad it was just for a short time. Though, it also meant seeing a jealous Richard, which was actually kinda fun. Remember when he ran into Emily’s car when he saw her talking to the man she went on a date with? We do and let’s be real – here it was great! It also made Emily ask him to come home (even though he technically still was as he was living in the pool house) and they were finally back together again!

11. His name is Bill for tonight (5×13)

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Who else was rejoicing when Emily and Richard finally got back together? And the fact that they were going to renew their vows just had us jumping up and down. Then the wedding finally happened and oh my how dreamingly beautiful was their first dance? The fact that Richard remembered a moment from I don’t even know how many moons ago was just the cutest and then his name was Bill for tonight and we all loved him even more.

Watch the beautiful moment here.

12. He’s not perfect (6×06)

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In various occasions, Richard proves not to be perfect, which in the end makes him more perfect as a husband, father, and grandfather. He proves the second to us in just one scene when he brings Lorelai her dollhouse from her childhood, so Emily wouldn’t donate it to Goodwill. At the same time he admits that he has made a mistake when he didn’t talk Rory out of dropping out of Yale. Not everyone would have done that, after all we all hate to make mistakes and hate it even more when we have to admit that we were wrong.

13. Richard’s and Emily’s graduation song for Rory (7×21)
Everyone was obviously excited that Rory was graduating from Yale. Of course, Richard and Emily threw her a big party with all of their friends to celebrate the milestone in Rory’s life. And how could they honor this special moment more than by writing and singing a song for their favorite granddaughter? After all she’s a bulldog through and through.

14. When he acknowledges how much Lorelai means to Stars Hollow (7×22)
We were all in tears when the whole town of Stars Hollow celebrated Rory’s graduation and Lorelai noticed just how much the town loved her daughter. Though it was Richard who pointed out that they did all this for Lorelai as well and not just Rory.

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15. When he agrees that Emily may go first (1×10)
Yes, I know by ending with this moment, it totally throws the list out of order but I’m evil and just want to give you more feels before we’re all finally able to watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

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Anyway remember when Richard collapsed at a Christmas party and everyone rushed to the hospital to make sure that he’s alright? We do and we also remember the scene where Emily and him are talking and we’re still crying about it. Emily clearly isn’t ready to lose her husband just yet and thankfully she didn’t have to back then. Though going back and watching that moment again, definitely gives us an idea how Emily is coping with her husband’s death in the four new episodes and we’ll have the tissues ready for when the episodes finally will be available on Netflix.

Watch the heartbreaking moment here.

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