The Winter Soldier Wants Cap’s Shield In Civil War Deleted Scene

Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

After a summer of (mostly) not so amazing movies, Captain America: Civil War remains an enjoyable bright spot. Oh yes. Our feels were real, but dear God did we have them and love them for it.

Maybe it shows how quickly time passes, but now we’re beginning the trek to the DVD/Blu-Ray release of Captain America: Civil War. It means so many things: behind the scenes videos, a gag reel, commentaries.

More importantly, it means that we’re getting deleted scenes. Now my parents did not a raise a fool, folks. I know in my heart and soul that there were a lot of deleted scenes in this film.

Give them all to me. ALL OF THEM.

If Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice got an ultimate edition, then Marvel can do us the same courtesy with Captain America: Civil War.

Give. It. To. Me.

And we’re getting it in drips and drabs in the lead-up to the release.

Today, we got a scene focusing on our favorite (b)romance: Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. It even has a fun little nod to Bucky!Cap.


Bucky has some shield envy in this scene. Actually, it’s more like a scene within the scene. The airport battle had a lot of footage taken, so it’s unsurprising that we’ll be seeing different facets to this battle.

Check it out!

“Get me one of those.”

Well we have Bucky for a nine-picture deal, I would not be surprised if he gets the shield. I will be devastated if Steve dies for Bucky to get it, but unsurprised if we get Bucky!Cap in forthcoming films.

Civil War will be released for digital download on September 2nd and in a Blu-ray collection on September 13th.

Bec Heim