Super Excited: Old Man Logan Might Legit Be Happening For Wolverine 3

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Usually we know the Hugh Jack is in extremely good shape and very handsome looking. This is especially true when you keep an eye on the Aussie’s Instagram where he regularly uploads pictures of him training or just having fun wherever he is in the world now. Recently you can spot him with his Wolverine beard more than usual, which only means that production has started on the third Wolverine movie.

As a Hugh Jackman fan, you will also know how much training goes into preparing for the role as the famous mutant with the adamantium claws.

One of his recent uploads on Instagram shows the actor very worn out and almost old looking. The latter is especially shocking. After all Hugh just doesn’t age!

So what happened now?

Of course, it just could be bad lightning. After all, we all fall victim to that most of the time.

But is it really just a case of bad lightning or is his look intentional? Jackman has teased his fans before that the new movie could be based on the comic storyline “Old Man Logan”.

It seems like Jackman’s teasing and his newest Instagram upload might be connected. His look in the picture could just be the result of a good make-up job.

“Old Man Logan” is set in the post-apocalyptic future and Logan has given up violence and refuses to use his claws. Plot details are a well-kept secret and we won’t know anything until we can finally see the movie ourselves. There are only a few things we know so far: The movie will be rated R and it will have “like a western in its tone”. This will be Hugh Jackman’s last appearance, and Sir Patrick Stewart will also star in it.

As you can see we don’t know a lot so far and production has just started in May.

All we can do now is just watch out for those teases and hope that they are true.

(And if they’re not at least we can be sure that Hugh will look as handsome as he does now in 10+ years).

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