Pesky Anne of Green Gables Reboot Nabbed by Netflix


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I reported this story with disdain in January when the news first broke and I’ve returned to continue reporting it with disdain. Only now, I’m not quite happy with Netflix.

Yes, the streaming giant has dipped their proverbial toes in the reboot game and has picked up the new Anne series for streaming in 2017. Let’s just all boycott the company now shall we? No? Okay, fine.

Production is set to begin in Ontario next month. There has been no casting news to speak of but we’re sure all of that will start streaming in soon. (Pun totally not intended.) Of course, the success of this new production will depend entirely on casting. CBC – that’s the Canadian Broadcasting Company, who are co-producing the show with Netflix – hit a gold mine in 1985 with Reign‘s Megan Fellows and the late Jonathan Crombie as the titular Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe. The Kevin Sullivan Anne of Green Gables and it’s subsequent sequel are classics and CBC has tried to recreate lightening in a bottle a couple more times since and none of them have even came close.

Perhaps with Netflix, this series will have a chance? Who knows. The good thing about it is, the writing, directing, and producing are being done by women. That’s right. A strong woman character defying gender norms in the late 1800s has an army of women behind her. You go, Anne-girl.

Anne, is set to consist of eight one hour episodes for its first season. Depending on viewing figures and a slew of other things, the show may go beyond one season. The first season is set in 1890 and focuses around Anne as she is mistakenly sent to Prince Edward Island to live with Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert at Green Gables after a life spent in orphanages and abusive families’ homes. (So there goes my modernization theory.)

“Moira Walley-Beckett has written eight riveting, funny, emotional, surprising, beautiful hours of television. With the extraordinary talent of Niki Caro at the helm, we can’t wait to deliver our show to Netflix, CBC and the world,” Miranda de Pencier said. “Netflix as our global partner means Anne’s indomitable spirit can now enter homes and hearts all over the world.”

De Pencier will produce under her Northwood Entertainment banner along with Walley-Beckett who will also executive produce with Allison Owen and Debra Hayward. Niki Caro, of Whale Rider fame, is directing the two hour series premiere. Anne will air on CBC in Canada and globally on Netflix simultaneously.

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