Michael Seitzman Reveals Why You’ll Be Hooked On Rob Lowe’s Code Black Character

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It was already reported that Rob Lowe will be joining Code Black in its upcoming season, where he is going to play Colonel Ethan Willis. While Dr. Leanne Rorish (Marcia Gay Harden) will be appreciating his rough teaching style, the other doctors of Angels Memorial won’t be that happy about it.

Marcia Gay Harden and Rob Lowe faced the questions from fans of the show last week during a Facebook Live. During it, they revealed some of the plot lines of the first episodes of the new season, including the way Willis is going to be introduced to the viewers in the first episode.

Now, series creator Michael Seitzman has spoken to TVLine about the newest character in his show. He explained that he’s sure that the audience will like Colonel Ethan Willis, despite his rough teaching style.

“Two of Rob’s many remarkable qualities are the same traits we needed in Willis,” he says. “He makes you want to know him and at the same time makes you feel you’ve known him your whole life.”

TVLine also gave us our first look at Lowe as Willis.

Credit: CBS

He certainly looks like he’ll not suffer fools, nor take to easily to following rules.

Willis has an interesting back-story for sure and I can see it influencing his work in more than one way. Maybe there even will be sparks flying between him and Leanne, especially because she likes his style of teaching. Though after her last attempt at a relationship, I’m not too sure she’d want another one. But we never really know, after all the show would need another main ship now that Christeal (still crying about that) is gone.

Though, we will see on September 28 when Code Black returns, how Lowe’s character will affect the show and especially the work in the US’ busiest ER.

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