Lizzie McGuire Creator Returning To Disney Channel For New Series Andi Mack

Credit: Disney Channel

I, like many other people in my generation, grew up watching classic Disney Channel shows like That’s So Raven, Kim Possible, Lizzie McGuire and High School Musical (ok the last one wasn’t a show, but you get the idea). Although I’ve grown out of watching Disney Channel by now, I have noticed that the programs on it aren’t exactly living up to their predecessors, except for Girl Meets World, but there is always going to be an exception!

Thankfully there is good news, however, as the creator of Lizzie McGuire, Terri Minsky is working on a new series for the network called Andi Mack, which will be a single-cam live-action series about a girl called Andi Mack who is just about to turn 13 and whose life is turned upside with the return of her rebel older sister Bex. The title role will be played by newcomer Peyton Elizabeth Lee who Minsky revealed in a statement is perfect in the role: “Andi only existed as words on a page until Peyton Lee walked into the room. I will never forget the magic of that moment – to meet the character I wrote. Actually, it wasn’t until I met Peyton that I really knew who Andi was.”

Also sidenote; Andi Mack  is in no way related or connected to Nickelodeon’s ’90s series, The Secret World of Alex Mack. 

Variety reported that Lilan Bowden will join the cast as the older sister Bex, Lauren Tom will play the girl’s mother Celia, Joshua Rush from The Lion Guard will play Cyrus and Asher Angel will play Jonah Beck.

I personally like the sound of this show and that such a talent like Minsky is working on it, because Lizzie McGuire is one of my favourite shows from that era. Disney are also very excited about the project with Disney Channels Worldwide original programming exec VP Adam Bonnett saying, “When Terri created Lizzie McGuire, she helped put Disney Channel on the map with a character that our audience could identify with. And we look forward to introducing ‘Andi’ to a new generation of kids and tweens.”

Sadly we will have to wait for a while before we get to see Andi Mack as production won’t begin until the autumn for a premiere sometime in 2017 but as always we will keep you guys posted on updates!

Kayleigh Falvey