It’s A Double Act For The Kingdom Season Two Finale

Credit: Audience
Credit: Audience

The penultimate episode opens with Keith grabbing a hammer and sneaking in to where Alicia’s sleeping, which is reminiscent of his father hammer-murdering his mother. Luckily, he changes his mind at the last second and smashes his own hand instead. Whilst laughing. Well, there’s a reminder if you needed one that Keith isn’t exactly the most stable of roommates.

Jay’s cleaned up well, but Ava’s not too happy about it. “You can’t make me feel guilty for doing my job,” Jay tells her – but she’s doing her level best! He gives her the support he can as well as training his ass off … and stealing Nate’s phone! He sets up a date with Will, but his intentions aren’t entirely clear. He also asks Lisa out for a friendly drink and reminds us how great those two were as friends.

Ryan’s old coach offers Alicia a job in Albuquerque, and whilst she seems pumped, Ryan’s not exactly begging her to stay. He tells Alvey before she gets a chance to, and Lisa shuts her down when she asks for her opinion. Alvey and Alicia share a really nice moment over it – he gets that she needs to leave, but he tells her he’ll always be her family. She cried, I cried … it was a lot.

We see that Alvey was only pretending to be the bigger man, though, when he spills it all to Roxanne later – he remembers every fighter who’s ever left him and he’s bitter about all of them. Yikes!

Ava has a heartfelt moment cuddling with Jay’s jacket before packing her bags and taking a ghostly selfie on the polaroid camera he gave her … which Jay finds later. What he doesn’t know is that she got distracted on her way out by a shady neighbour offering her drugs. That’s sure to end well!

Jay and Lisa share some drinks and bring out the best in each other, and Jay scopes out Will at the bar. Nate’s super confused by Will’s angry phone call, and the screenshot Will sends proves someone knows Nate’s secret … but who?! Jay has a pleasant nondescript conversation with Will, but Lisa ends up drunk and banging down Alvey’s door … which doesn’t go down so well with Roxanne.

Lisa ends up hurling accusations and punches and a whiskey glass at Alvey before he ends up restraining her. She cries it out and leaves, but Alvey’s pretty affected. They’re not the only ones having a bad night – Jay gets back to the motel to find ambulances and police cars. Ava was murdered by that guy, and we see some of the best acting all season from Jonathan Tucker as Jay breaks down completely.

How can the finale possibly follow that bombshell? Let’s see!

It opens with Jay getting ready for a run before walking into the gory crime scene next door. Poor guy.

Alvey goes to pick up his gun from the police station – you know, the one Chapas used to kill himself and tried to frame Alvey with? Yeah. I totally forgot that even happened too. He shows up at the gym with his ashes in a box … which sets the tone pretty much. Dark.

Lisa sticks up for Jay when Garro shows signs of not paying him, but since he’s not even sure Jay’ll turn up to the fight, I don’t blame him! Lisa knows how to play the game, though, and threatens to pull Jay entirely unless Garro pays what she wants.

Unfortunately, Garro may well be right – we see Jay lying by the empty pool, into which he throws his ringing phone. They really need to get him out of that motel! Nate’s doing his best to get Cristina to reconcile with Jay so he can come home.

Ryan and Alvey have a heart to heart in the sauna, talking about Ryan’s dad and glistening appealingly. Sadly, Alvey’s day goes downhill from there. Roxanne shows up at the gym to break up with him, or “to put a bullet in his head,” as he so eloquently puts it.

Jay shows up to the weigh in, but only just, and his weight is five pounds under regulation … not illegal, but not exactly promising.

Alvey and Lisa reconcile and share a drink, or, well, they have a drink and aim barbs at each other, but it looks as if they’re on the way to mending whatever it is that’s going on between them.

Nate tries to get Jay to open up, but he shuts him out, literally kicking him out of his motel room. Jay’s left behind crying after they share some heartfelt “I love you , man”s. Jay’s pre-fight ritual, shaving his head alone in the motel bathroom, is far more poignant than seeing Ryan taping up, surrounded by Alvey and the whole crew.

The first round of the fight is brutal – Ryan takes Jay down and pummels him into the ground with basically no resistance. The second and third rounds show a bit more spirit from Jay, but he ends up bleeding pretty badly by the last round, and Ryan takes him down with one solid kick. Like an asshole, he runs round celebrating before even noticing that Jay’s pretty seriously injured. Nobody’s happy at all – especially not Cristina, who came to talk to Jay but ended up having to see him getting his face smashed in. She makes amends by reading him a heartfelt apology letter while he’s in hospital. Cue the waterworks.

Ryan ends up hanging out with Lisa after the fight and weirdly tries to convert her to Christianity. The familiarity between them is bittersweet, but sweet nonetheless. They tackle some pretty deep topics – Lisa opens up about the baby to Ryan more than she has to anyone else.

Nate goes by the motel to pick up Jay’s stuff so they can bring him home, and ends up finding Will’s card, which means he knows Jay knows. He has a quiet freakout before doing the mature thing and going back to the hospital to talk to Jay. It’s the best scene this show has produced to date. These two brothers, these two fighters, one emotionally stunted and one over emotional to a fault, talk it out in the best way possible. Jay says only sorry Nate felt like he couldn’t tell him, and then proceeds to make jokes until they’re both laughing and I’m sobbing inconsolably.

Unfortunately, that beautiful scene had to be followed up with Lisa and Ryan getting it on. Ew.

Alvey pours Chapas’ ashes in the middle of the cage at the gym and toasts them, contemplating mortality, before gathering them up again and tossing the whole box in the bin. How’s that for ceremony. What a fitting end to the season!

With the lid firmly shut on some old issues, but new complications springing up all around, we can’t wait to see what Kingdom season 3 has in store for us! See you next time around!

Sneh Rupra