Guardians Of The Galaxy And Gravity Falls Writers To Pen Pokemon Movie

Pokemon Detective Pikachu
Credit: The Pokemon Company/Nintendo

People all over the world are currently enjoying the greatness of the augmented reality game Pokemon Go and the “return” of the Pokemon franchise – though, let’s be completely honest, it was never gone. Thanks to the success of the game, Legendary Pictures quickly acquired the rights to a live-action Pokemon movie and it looks like it won’t take long to become a reality.

New reports say that Nicole Perlman (co-writer of Guardians of the Galaxy) and Alex Hirsch (creator and writer of Gravity Falls) are in talks to pen the live-action Pokemon movie Legendary is producing based on Detective Pikachu.

Yes, there’s going to be a live-action movie with this precious creature:

Credit: Tumblr

Great Detective Pikachu is an adventure videogame for Nintendo 3DS released earlier this year. It’s a spin-off of the Pokemon franchise in which we follow a good ol’ Pikachu (a talking Pikachu, I must add) so intelligent that he becomes a detective. One day he encounters a boy named Tim Goodman, who happens to be unable to understand what he is saying, but that’s no obstacle for them joining forces to solve various mysteries involving Pokemon in the city.

This new and improved Pokemon movie will begin production in 2017, with Universal Pictures handling distribution outside of Japan and Toho in charge of it in Pokemon’s homeland.

As mentioned above, Pokemon never actually left – we have videogames (are you excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon? Because I sure as hell am!), manga, trading cards, the series we can now rewatch on Netflix, previous movies, etc. Let’s just say that what Pokemon Go has done is materialize our life-long dreams of becoming Pokemon trainers – and bring people together as it has been doing since 1996 – showing the world that Pokemon has always been here and is not going anywhere. They better give us all the movies.

We will keep you posted on further details regarding this live-action Pokemon movie.