Gotta Know When To Hold ‘Em: Chris Pratt Talks Magnificent Seven In Featurette

Credit: Columbia Pictures
Credit: Columbia Pictures

The remake of The Magnificent Seven is less than a month away from its release. While it’s hard to live up to such a classic film, I still find myself excited.

Is it because a bunch of attractive men are going to be cowboys? Partly. That alone is worth the ticket price. Hopefully, director Antoine Fuqua will bring a different point of view to this remake of a classic film.

Either way, I’m pretty ready for it.

One of the actors I’m most excited to see in this film is Chris Pratt. Because he’s a great actor and he’s going to be a cowboy. I’m ready for it.

In a new featurette, Pratt talks about his character Josh Farraday, who is known as the “Gambler” of the group.

Pratt describes Farraday as “a bit of a fox. He’s a trickster. He is a gambler, drinker. He loves the ladies. But he’s deadly in a firefight.”

Well you kind of have to be a badass to be in this crew. Even someone as Western illiterate as me knows that much.

We also get to see some new footage of Pratt’s character being awesome. I’m feeling ab it of a lovable rogue vibe from him, which makes me excited to see.

What can I say? He’s really good at playing them.

Check out the featurette below.

The Magnificent Seven will be released in theatres on September 23rd. It will debut, however, on September 8th at the Toronto Film Festival for those of you lucky to be there.

Bec Heim