FX’s Legion Joins the X-Men Universe: Bryan Singer Connects The Dots For Us

Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr

Well, here’s a bit of news that kind of came out of nowhere.

Bryan Singer, director and producer of superheros ‘X’-traordinaire for Fox, recently appeared at the Edinburg Television Festival and spoke of his new show Legion which stars Downton Abbey‘s Dan Stevens as mutant David Haller. Haller is the son of Charles Xavier (James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart in the films) and is quite possibly one of the most powerful mutants on the planet.

Since the beginning, Legion‘s producers (of which Singer is executive producer) and writers have been highly ambiguous when it comes to whether the TV show will be attached to the X-Men cinematic universe over at Fox. For a long time, FX’s CEO John Landgraf, as well as creator Noah Hawley, has stated that Legion won’t cross over. It’s not in the continuity of those films in the sense that the current X-Men films take place in a universe where everybody on planet earth is aware of the existence of mutants,” Landgraf said.

There went my hopes of ever seeing Haller, who is a highly skilled telepath—among other things, and Jean Grey (played by Sophie Turner in X-Men: Apocalypse) on the screen together. For those unfamiliar, Jean is a highly skilled telepath with telekinetic powers but she is also the physical avatar of a cosmic entity known as the Phoenix. With the Phoenix Force, Jean is pretty much the most powerful mutant ever. Perhaps even more powerful than Haller. As you could imagine, seeing them team up would be a fan boy’s wet dream. Or, at least it’s mine.

However, hope has definitely been restored and I can’t contain it.

Singer recently spoke in Edinburg and gave us this little tidbit of epicness: “[Legion is] part of the X-Men universe, but when you watch it, you wouldn’t have to label it, it could exist entirely on its own,” Singer said of the show. That seems to jive with at least two of the three things mentioned above – it can stand-alone, but it does technically live in the same timeline as the films.”

Cue my hysterically excited screaming. No, seriously, that definitely happened.

The only hang up of the two worlds ever actually crossing on one of the mediums is this: is David Haller really Xavier’s son? If so, when did it happen in the continuity of not only the films but the show? When we first meet Xavier, he’s a student in Oxford in the sixties. Following the events of First Class, Xavier is a drug addled recluse in the seventies. Then, in the eighties, he’s back to being the professor we all know and love. Yes, Xavier could’ve fathered children in Oxford. It’s not unheard of and he was shown to be quite the flirt and quite the party-er. At this point, we have to just wait if they even acknowledge Haller’s parentage in Legion. And we have to know the time period in which the show is set too.

It’s all a bit wibbly-wobbly but if anyone can hammer it out, it’s Singer and his army of creative geniuses.

Legion is set to debut on FX early next year.

Shelby Arnold
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