Doctor Strange’s Magic Will Not Have A Scientific Explanation

Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

We are currently preparing for the next big Marvel release of the year: Doctor Strange. This movie will introduce us to Stephen Strange aka the Sorcerer Supreme (Benedict Cumberbatch) and will take us to unexplored dimensions full of magic and mind-bending visuals.

Doctor Strange is all about magic – that’s its basis, and so far the trailers have given us a taste of what awaits. But as with every fantasy or sci-fi movie, there are people out there who like taking the fun away and want to give a scientific explanation to everything, even magic. Let me add that there’s a special place in the afterlife for those people. Thankfully, Doctor Strange won’t offer a scientific explanation to all the magic: it’s magic and that’s it.

Speaking to GamesRadar, director Scott Derrickson shared that, in the movie, magic will remain as something that can’t really be explained (as it should be!)

“Magic is magic in this movie. It’s not something that’s explained away scientifically. It’s not something easy to define. As magic should be. Magic should be mysterious. There’s mystery to magic and there’s mystery to the tone of the movie. Mystery is a good thing”

We are on the same page, Mr. Derrickson.

Doctor Strange will be the first Marvel movie to openly deal with magic as it is. Although it’s not the first time we encounter it in the MCU, it will be the first time it is treated as it is and it’s not pushed to the side or given a sort-of scientific explanation to cover it up (hello, Age of Ultron and Thor: The Dark World).

I just truly hope nobody will come and try to give a scientific explanation to everything shown in Doctor Strange. Come on, people: enjoy movies as they are. It’s “fantasy” for a reason. Just let go and enjoy what you are watching.

Doctor Strange will open our eyes to a whole new dimension on November 4th.