Code Black’s Rob Lowe And Marcia Gay Harden Hold A Facebook Live Q&A

Credit: CBS

Last month, it had been announced that Rob Lowe (Parks & Recreation) will be joining Code Black in season two as the new male lead next to Marcia Gay Harden’s character Dr. Leanne Rorish. He will be playing Colonel Ethan Willis, who was formerly a doctor in the US military’s prestigious Combat Casualty Care research program.

At yesterday’s CBS TCAs, Marcia and Rob bravely went on Facebook Live and took on some fan questions regarding the next season. The first question already jumps right in when Marcia is asked what her initial thoughts on the script of the first episode of season two were.

“Fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be an exciting ride,” is how Gay Harden describes the first episode to which Lowe only adds “and a bumpy one”.

Lowe’s entrance as Colonel Ethan Willis seems to fit that description, since he will be jumping out of a helicopter to save someone. Obviously, they haven’t revealed whom he will save, but we can be sure that it must have been someone important if he lands a job at Angels Memorial after that.

Another interesting question is how the end of season one will play out with the new faces that have been cast for the show.

Harden said, “In every hospital there are doctors coming and doctors going and that’s what the Code Black world is all about. There’re new interns coming in every year and people who are leaving to go on to other jobs of the places of the hospital.”

Clearly Marcia was talking about the departure of Christa and Neal (Somerville and Jaffrey have left the show) and the new additions to the Code Black family. We have yet to see how they are going to explain the changes in the show, but it sounds like they won’t be given much attention to the exit of the two former series regulars. (The only result we will get to see is that Campbell now runs the ER and the Operating Room (OR)).

Lowe describes Campbell as his nemesis early on in the show and from this new development we can definitely see why. After all, Campbell wasn’t the nicest person to be around in season one, especially after seeing the way he has treated Neal.

The second season seems to be starting off with lots of drama and it does not seem to be stopping. According to Rob and Marcia, episode four will see a scene that even made their jaws drop and they surely know how to tease us about it.

Code Black will return on September 28th on CBS

Anna Hattingen