Chadwick Boseman Almost Spilled Details About the Black Panther Film at Nerd HQ

Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE
Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE

Black Panther has many skills and keeping quiet about his own storyline is one of them. Chadwick Boseman made his inaugural debut at Nerd HQ to the delight and surprise of the attendees. To keep his appearance a secret, tickets were sold as a mysterious “Guess Who?” panel.

Though his schedule is crammed with his Marvel-related duties, Boseman carved out just over a half an hour to host a Conversation for a Cause.

Of course, most of the conversation was the actor dodging any and all questions related to next year’s Black Panther film. When one fan asked which comics she should read to better understand his take on the character, Boseman very nearly replied. Presumably his answer would’ve pointed fans everywhere to the potential plot points of the film.

Laughing at himself and the cleverness of the fan, Boseman replied, “That was good!” And his answer to her question about which comics to read? “All of them!”

Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE
Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE

The actor is committed to getting T’Challa right and proved that to Marvel from the start. His accent in the film was specifically chosen by him because it was African but not European in any way. Boseman was adamant that Wakanda had never been colonized so their accents would be slightly different than African nations who had.

In Captain America: Civil War, there are times where T’Challa and his father speak to one another in another language, but it’s not a fabricated Wakandan language. Rather, it’s Xhosa, the native language in South Africa, where actor John Kani is from. Kani played Boseman’s father in Civil War and, fittingly, taught the younger actor the language for their scenes together, much the way a father would teach his son.

Before taking up the Black Panther mantle, Boseman was recognized for his roles as Jackie Robinson in 42, which he called “life-changing” and as James Brown in Get On Up, which he called his most physically demanding role to date.

But he also spoke somewhat candidly about the reality of some offers he receives. One was for a character that was a criminal who couldn’t read, drive, or swim, none of which made sense to Boseman at the time. “How’s he committing all these crimes if he can’t drive?” Since then, whenever he gets an offer for a role that has any similar tones, he tells his friends “it’s one of those he can’t read, he can’t drive, he can’t swim roles.”

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