After Twenty-Years Ash Ketchum May Finally Become A Pokemon Master


Since everyone and their mother is playing Pokemon Go, my own mother included, I can’t be the only one who needed to brush up on their knowledge of the creatures that we all have to catch. Thankfully the original Pokemon series is on Netflix, along with Ash’s most recent adventures in Pokemon XY: The Series. But, what we didn’t know is that the anime series is still on and is in its 19th season!

Of course, the burning question we all want to know is whether or not Ash Ketchum has finally made his life long dream a reality and become a Pokemon master, right? Well, according to what I’ve read, he hasn’t gotten there just yet!

I know, I know, so it seems that becoming a Pokemon master isn’t going to be as easy as we all thought it would be.  Ash easily has a few years head start on us, but all hope is not lost as Ash’s luck could change by next week, according to he is,” fielding his strongest team of Pokemon yet, with the quasi-Legendary Goodra and a Greninja that can Mega Evolve 9sort of) joining Pikachu, Hawlucha, Noivern, and Talonflame on his team. In the build up to competing in Kalo’s Luminose Conference, Ash has fought two Legendary Birds to a draw and was poised to beat the Kalos Champion Diantha before an interruption.”

Now this might all sound a bit mad if you haven’t been involved in the Pokemon fandom for the last 20 years, but from what I can gather Ash is in the best position he has ever been in to become a Pokemon master with some of the most powerful Pokemon around.

Sadly, we are going to have to wait a couple of months to see whether or not Ash wins his latest battle to become a Pokemon master as the new episodes will air in Japan next week. The English-dubbed version won’t air on Cartoon Network for another 4 months. Until then, I am going to have to play catch-up in the race to be the next Pokemon Master!


Kayleigh Falvey