4YE Quicklist: 5 Reasons Spooks Needs An Eleventh Season

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I am perpetually late to the TV game. It doesn’t matter if it’s The Walking Dead or my old stalwart CSI: Miami or even Law & Order: SVU or NCIS, I inevitably end up watching smack dab in the middle of the show. Or in SVU‘s case, I’ve never watched an entire season straight through. Thank you TNT and USA.

Thankfully, with the exception of The Walking Dead, I can enter in the middle of shows and be none the wiser and still love the characters. Eventually, I go back and catch first season episodes, but then I stop and never catch up. It doesn’t bother me. One day I’ll binge watch and by then it’ll be too late in the pop culture business. But, that’s okay. With shows ending and rebooting faster than lightening and with the help of Netflix and other streaming services, people like me can get caught up.

Unless you’re me and you like British telly. Being an American, it isn’t always easy to gain access to old television shows. Such is the case I am currently facing with my new obsession.. Spooks.

Spooks, or MI5 in the States, was a long running and highly popular espionage series which focused on the lives and daily workings of the MI5 agents in Section D counter terrorism. It ran for ten seasons with Peter Firth (seen most recently in ITV’s Victoria) at the helm and starred countless familiar faces in the British acting pool. For example, David Oyelowo from Selma and The Butler got his big break on Spooks. He played a rookie surveillance agent with a money problem.

I know that more recently, last year to be exact, many fans were treated to a big screen revival, called Spooks: The Greater Good, with Firth at the helm again and newcomers Kit Harington and Tuppence Middleton rounding out a pretty impressive cast. The film was, sadly, not well received, but I have to say that I enjoyed it. It wasn’t James Bond or Mission Impossible but it was good, perhaps a bit uneven, but enjoyable. More importantly, it got me thinking: we really need a new series. A final wrap up, if you will. Maybe you can call it a reboot—I wouldn’t—but I would really love to see some questions from the film answered and I would really love to see more of Harington’s Will Holloway on my screen and interacting with Firth’s Harry Pearce.

So, without further ado, here are five reasons we need a new series of MI5/Spooks. Be aware. Spoilers for the film abound.

5. Who Killed G. Holloway?

There was no answer in the film and I think there was more to it than what was shown. The overarching theme of the film The Greater Good was basically that loyalty is treason. What if the events of the film had been boiling for years and the murder of Will’s father was the beginning of the end despite the murder happening thirty six years prior? I have a lot of theories regarding this one and all of them revolve around one Oliver Mace (Tim McInnerny). More on that later.

A deleted scene revealed a name and a case file, thanks to Middleton’s character June Keaton. The name is hard for me to understand but it sounds like Max Starzyck and there was no mention of him dying (or much of anything else) in the movie. So, what if Max is still alive? What would he have to hide? Is he really who killed Holloway? What if he was ordered by someone else to execute Holloway? But then, if Max was hired to kill Holloway, why wasn’t he also ordered to kill Pearce who was also undercover with Holloway? Was it a set up by Mace who has a history of not approving of Pearce’s actions? Why would Mace take thirty years to bring Pearce down? What if Mace was the one who actually killed Holloway? There are so many questions here. I need answers.

4. Who is Max Starzyck?

Okay, this ties in with number five. I’ll try not to repeat previous questions.

Who is Max Starzyck? The man is only mentioned in a deleted scene and in the actual movie, he’s never mentioned by name. So, who is he? Where did he come from? Was he a decommissioned MI5 agent? Was he a German intelligence agent? How did he blow Holloway’s cover? Is he alive? (I asked that question already, I know but it’s important.)

Starzyck’s return can bring a whole new layer to Will’s character which was sadly lacking in The Greater Good. While he’s a great character as is, and Harington did a fine job portraying him, there was some depth missing and I feel like it all hinges on the death of his father, which was teased to end in the movie but it ultimately never had a wrap up. There could be a whole series of episodes revolving around G. Holloway but in the end, it really isn’t all that interesting. Starzyck, and his whereabouts and what he does, is.

3. The tension between MI5 and the CIA

The Greater Good was a film centered on the deterioration of the relationship between the MI5 and the CIA. However, it’s a good point to be expounded upon in a series long arc. In the film, American terrorist Adem Qasim was in MI5 custody and was being sent to a CIA pick up when the transport was ambushed and Qasim ends up escaping. What results is a breakdown of relations that, in the end, costs Pearce not only his job, but basically his life as he knew it. Pearce is on the run because of his actions and, to be honest, MI5 is not better for it. At all.

While Pearce discovered the culprit behind the escape, the Deputy Director General of MI5, and killed her, there is always more to explore, especially when there is one more level to MI5 that hasn’t been mentioned. Oliver Mace, Director General.

Mace has always been the thorn in Section D’s side. He’s rude, he’s scathing, and who knows, he may have a dark side. He may have been another step in the dissolution of ties which is something I want to explore. What happens when the Director General of the MI5 is a crooked agent and an even more crooked politician? It hits a bit close to home right now on all fronts which is what Spooks has always been known for.

2. Harry Pearce and his merry band of agents

Pearce has lost his fair share of agents in the field. Even more of them have been decommissioned. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing him gather a few of them together to investigate the points above. They would be a rogue team of agents hunting down the threat to national security while also being the ones hunted. Yes, I know that a spin-off called Spooks: Code 9 had a similar premise and it failed after only one season but I, personally, want a few old favorites to return. Tom Quinn (Matthew MacFadyen) and Beth Bailey (Sophia Myles) come to mind. Not to mention June Keaton and Will Holloway from the film. Both were decommissioned and both are people Harry can trust following the events of The Greater Good.

Of course, there would be some new faces as well, all of them well known actors and actresses from the UK. I’m thinking Angel Coulby, Idris Elba (as Starzyck, of course), and maybe Billie Piper, among others. This is like my dream team. A diverse cast and an interesting and poignant storyline? Sign me up. We need it one last time.

1. Emotional Trauma

Yes, this is a perfectly legitimate reason for an eleventh and final series. One thing Spooks has never shied from is drama and heartbreak. With a plethora of different storylines to explore and questions to ask, if they were to ever ‘reboot’, even for just one more season, there would be no doubt that fans would be at the edge of their seat the entire time. If they were anything like me, they’d be ready to throw remotes at TVs and tweet passionately about it, which is exactly what I’d do from behind my live stream link, because, sadly, I’m still American.

Of course, I have entertained all these questions and have came to one plausible conclusion for this reboot to add to the emotional stress. Someone notable has to die. It could be Will or June or Oliver or any of the new characters inevitably added to the roster. Perhaps it would be Harry Pearce himself? I know I would be crying hysterically if that were the case.

So, there you have it folks. Is all of this enough to bring the series back for one more season Spooks fans? Do you have anything else you’d like to add? I’d love to hear from you. Comment below and let us know!

Shelby Arnold
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