We’ve Got A Budding Love Pentagon On Kingdom This Week

Credit: Audience
Credit: Audience

Alvey opens the episode by burning the cheque Lisa’s dad gave him. It probably would have come back to bite him in the ass but he totally should have secretly cashed it – he could really use the money! The theme of the episode this week is Alvey behaving in a pretty grown up manner, though. He has a serious chat with Roxanne about his and Lisa’s backstory, they talk it out, they’re good.

Miscommunication is without a doubt one of the most annoying tropes on TV, like, if people just talked about their feelings and their relationships more, things would be fine, right? Well, Alvey and Roxanne are being super mature about all this, but sadly, that doesn’t make the best TV. Mature adult conversations are, sadly, pretty boring to watch.

Regardless, Lisa’s back at the gym for good, and although Shelby and Keith seem pretty excited to have her back, the tension levels are still high between her and everyone else! Ryan greets her with a big hug, and Alicia leaves the two of them alone. Lisa’s getting pretty good at shutting down people’s awkward sympathy.

“This is awkward,” says Alicia about Lisa being back in the gym – she noticed that moment between her and Ryan – but Alvey redirects her to focus on her upcoming fight.

Jay comes to see Lisa too, and it’s really heartwarming to see the two of them together. She’ll be the one to set him straight, if anyone. She begs him to stick to the schedule they’ve set up for him, and he acquiesces, with the caveat that she knows “I am a free spirited animal and that schedules stifle me.” He’s more lighthearted than we’ve seen him in weeks, and Jay is the only person who’s managed to get past Lisa’s defences since she’s been back. Aw.

Keith brings in a massive cake to welcome Lisa back, and it’s revealed to have a montage of Ryan’s face on it. Pretty awkward for everyone involved, but not life-threateningly so. Now, on to more life threatening situations …

Cristina confronts Chelsea, who’s brought some friends over to get high. That doesn’t go so well. Poor Cristina ends up tied up on the floor with the guys stealing everything in the house – including the seven grand Nate’s been hiding in his sock drawer. Yikes.

Alicia decides to start a non-professional fight before her professional one, confronting Ava about her life choices. Ava ends up smashing a bottle over Alicia’s head, right before she has to go to her fight. Alvey’s mad while he waits for her to show up at the fight – she gets there just in time – poor Alvey’s got a lot to deal with.

Lisa has a panic attack and faints, right before Alicia has to go out, and Alvey prioritises her over Alicia just for a second. Alicia’s not gonna be pleased about that! They leave Ryan with Lisa while Alicia fights … that’s not ideal either! Alicia’s definitely not in the best state to fight right now, emotionally or physically!

She ends up bleeding pretty badly from her head wound … but luckily for her it only fuels her to another phenomenal fight. She wins by split decision and it’s the best outcome she could have hoped for. Meanwhile Lisa and Ryan are cozying up on the sofa behind the scenes. Alvey drives Lisa home and they end up drinking in her hotel room. She tells him she hates him before inviting him to stay the night. He calls Roxanne and explains and she takes it pretty well considering. Alvey’s literally the most competent person in the whole gym right now … the bar he sets is so low, but everyone else has managed to slide under it. How embarrassing.

Nate finally emotes a little, getting mad over his lost money and Cristina. Jay finds the “dinner? call me” business card Will left Nate … is that finally gonna go down!? Jay calls the number and gets Will’s voicemail … which tells him all he needs to know. Here’s to hoping that rather than blowing next episode, this follows the trend of mature conversation. God know Nate needs some positive support in his life!

We end on Alvey and Lisa lying awkwardly on the same bed, before Alvey rolls over and gives her a hug. Gosh, the romantic entanglements only get more complex, with Roxanne, Alvey, Lisa, Ryan, and Alicia all caught up in this mess. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

Sneh Rupra