Tom Hiddleston On Winning An Emmy Nomination For The Night Manager

Credit: BBCOne
Credit: BBCOne

Fans of the BBCOne-AMC Television co-produced mini series The Night Manager are cheering with the news that the show has received no less than TWELVE Emmy nominations.

Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie and Olivia Coleman have all been nominated for the hugely successful show.

When contacted by EW to discuss his nomination, Tom Hiddleston answered the phone even though it was 4am in Australia, where he is currently shooting the next instalment of the Marvel movie Thor.

Hiddleston revealed he had had a great day, saying, “I got to play on set with Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth, went to see Ghostbusters, and then I got nominated for an Emmy.” All in all, he said, “It is a great day. It’s fantastic. It really is the best news.”

When asked about the nomination itself, Hiddleston said, “I wasn’t expecting it at all. I never like to have any expectations, but it feels like the most thrilling and heartwarming affirmation for the team, the whole of The Night Manager, for Susanne Bier, for Hugh Laurie, for Olivia Colman, and Simon and Stephen Cornwell and Stephen Garrett, all of our producers. It’s very heartwarming. It’s a great feeling that everyone’s up there.”

The Night Manager, based on the novel by John le Carré was a huge hit in the UK and USA. In the 6-part series, Hiddleston played the role of Jonathan Pine, who went deep undercover to infiltrate an arms ring. Of the role, Hiddleston explained, “It was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my short life as an actor. Jonathan Pine was such a fascinating prospect, a highly skilled individual with a romantic spirit and a referential and broken heart. That combination was so fascinating. He was inspired by moral courage to do something very brave for the greater good, which is surrender his identity and risk everything to take down someone who he believes is an evil man, and I get so moved by the story.”

And of the nomination for the role he added, “it’s very humbling and a huge honor because it was an enormous undertaking personally for me. I poured my whole soul into Jonathan Pine, and I’m so proud that it’s been nominated.”

There had been rumours that due to the show’s massive success a second season might prevail. When asked about a second series of The Night Manager, Hiddleston was only able to reveal, “I think it is still in the lap of le Carré himself. I think we’re all aware that there is an appetite for more, but it really lies with the author, as it should, and if he can see a way for them to continue in a framework that fits his original conception. That’s all I know for now.”

However despite his nomination, there wasn’t much time for celebrating as he was due to be on set later in the day. Thor: Raganrok began shooting earlier in July and all Hiddleston will reveal so far is that “I’m having such a good time. Taika Waititi is brilliant, and his vision for his Thor film is so full of wit and humor and drama. He’s really been so attentive over the screenplay. I’m so excited. It’s a hell of a cast. It’s got quite a lineup.”

The Emmy for Best Actor is no walk in the park for Hiddleston, he is up against some stiff competition, including Idris Elba and Bryan Cranston.

The Emmys will be announced on September 18.

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