Star Trek 4 To Feature Chris/Kirk Squared

Credit: Paramount Pictures
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Chatting to Access Hollywood, JJ Abrams has revealed that Chris Hemsworth will be returning to the Star Trek franchise in its fourth instalment. The franchise certainly looks to be living long and prospering!

I’m sure you all remember the most heartbreaking bait-n-switch of the decade at the opening of the first film, where Thor had to say his stoic goodbyes to Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time, as she gave birth to the Jim Kirk we all know and love… and it looks like that wasn’t the last we’ll see of George Kirk.

“I will actually tell you something that I haven’t talked about yet,” teased Abrams. “We have a movie which is being written right now, which is going to feature Chris Hemsworth, who is going to return as Kirk’s father.” 

And before any of you cry ‘flashback,’ Abrams put that idea to bed instantly. “There’s an adventure that Kirk and the others and Kirk’s father are going to go on together,” he said. That time-travel black hole may make a come back as a handy plot device to allow this to happen, or maybe they’ll think of something else, but either way it’s going to be great.”

If two Spocks existing at the same time didn’t explode the whole universe, two Kirk men just might! This is such an interesting direction to take, and we’re super looking forward to seeing Chris Pine tackle all Kirk’s daddy issues on screen. Hemsworth already has great chemistry with Chris Evans in the Avengers movies… but it’s time for another Chris squared duo to take to the screen.

We’re already looking forward to the fourth instalment, which Abrams seems to have a lot of creative control over, but let’s not forget Star Trek Beyond warps into cinemas on July 22.

Sneh Rupra