SDCC 2016: New Trailer And Plot Details For Fantastic Beasts Revealed

Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE
Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE

Magic arrived in Hall H on Saturday at Comic-Con 2016. Eddie Redmayne and his costars in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them took the stage to speak about the film and introduce a new trailer.

“I want to be a wizard.” Don’t we all? Well earlier in the proceedings, Redmayne asked for the audience’s help performing a little magic. But to do that they needed wands right? And they got them. Every single person in Hall H for the panel received a replica of Newt Scamander’s wand, and some even received it from Redmayne himself. He went out into the hall to personally hand out many of the wands. With a collective cry of “Lumos Maxima!” the new trailer for the film played.

Details about the Fantastic Beasts’ plot came more into focus during the panel and thanks to the new footage. It was clear from previous teasers that Scamander enters America with a suitcase of magical creatures and some of them escape. But he isn’t just trying to recapture the beasts and protect humans. He’s trying to protect the beasts from the humans.

Helping him in his quest are Porpentina Goldstein (Katherine Waterston), a witch who works for the Magical Congress of the United States of America, Jacob Kowalski (Dan Fogler), a “No-Maj” aka the America equivalent to the term “Muggle.” Complicating matters further is Percival Graves (Colin Farrell), an auror tracking Scamander. There’s also the mysterious character of Credence (Ezra Miller) who would see the destruction of all magical folk.

Written by JK Rowling, Fantastic Beasts hits theaters this November.

Stephanie Coats