SDCC 2016: Justice League Action Brings A Fun And Fresh Twist To Classic Characters

Credit: Cartoon Network
Credit: Cartoon Network

What can I say about the classic Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons? They were a huge part of my childhood. I credit my being a huge superhero fan to them and to Danny Phantom.

Even though Marvel films have stole my heart, I remain a DC Animated fangirl of the highest order.

That being said, however, after Batman: The Brave and the Bold went off the air; I had a hard time finding a new DC Animated show to love. Teen Titans Go! is just honestly not really my thing.

So when Justice League Action was announced, I was both excited and a little bit wary. Sure, they had Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill returning to voice Batman and the Joker, but part of me rebelled a little bit at something that defined my tastes being picked up again.

Needless to say, the Justice League Action panel was the first one that I tackled at San Diego Comic Con.

Not only was I close to Kevin Conroy thanks to aggressively finding a good seat, I was also not disappointed by what I saw in the least.

The room was treated to both an episode of the show and a trailer. You can check the trailer out below.

So onto the show itself, don’t go in expecting the slow build of the Justice League/Unlimited. Fans need to go in not comparing the shows because they both want different things. Justice League Action lives up to its name. It’s simultaneously fast-paced while doling out the information that you need to it. The blend between humor and action is on point. It was a real treat to see Kevin Conroy’s Batman play straight man while also doling out some on point sarcasm.

Not only was the dialogue fast and playful, the animation was glorious. I was a bit iffy on the designs at first, but seeing the animation in action made me fall in love with them. There’s a great flow going on here. I like there’s differentiation between the body types with Batman being wiry while Superman is a bit more built. Also the Big Three (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) are on point. Jason J Lewis (Superman) and Rachel Kimsey (Wonder Woman) deserve props.

Basically, I’m telling you to watch this show when it comes in the Fall. We didn’t get a release date yet at the panel, but it should be soon.

The producers on the panel (Jim Krieg, Alan Burnett, and Butch Lukic) really did hammer home about how they went about making the show different from previous series. Part of the inspiration came from original Teen Titans cartoon, while the love letters to the various characters and weirdness came from Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Justice League Action is a show about exploration: an action-comedy that will allow funny characters to explore some serious subjects while darker characters to be a bit silly. The best part is that they plan it while keeping everyone in character. Diedrich Bader, who voices Booster Gold on the show, teased about an episode of Booster and Batman’s relationship with Booster wanting to prove himself to Batman. It just sounds so interesting.

What everyone enjoys is the endless possibilities for pairings within Justice League Action. No pairing is too weird and the large roster allows everyone a chance to shine. Although don’t expect to see Ted Kord or Robin until season two.


Easily one of the highlights of the panel was when Bader (who played Batman in The Brave and the Bold) and Conroy both started riffing in their Batman voices, pretending to be ordering lunch in character. I had a hard time composing myself.

This is one of the reasons why Conroy is so excited about this show. After playing Batman for so long, he looks to keep things fresh yet consistent. He doesn’t want to disappoint the Batman fans because, to so many (myself included), he is Batman. Batman is a dark character. Yet Conroy also is thrilled to be doing more comedic work with the character. Batman isn’t going to be doing pratfalls, but he’ll be reacting to the comedic tone of the world.

With the return of Conroy as Batman, there is also the return of Mark Hamill as the Joker. Conroy had so many nice things to say about his longtime co-star and friend. The pair enjoy pushing each other to become better actors, and Conroy called Hamill “very giving” as a performer overall.

What Justice League Action promises is action and fun, it delivers in spades.

Bec Heim