SDCC 2016: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Teases And Surprises Hall H

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment
Credit: Marvel Entertainment

One of the highlights of the entirety of San Diego Comic Con 2016 was, unsurprisingly, Marvel’s offerings for Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2. The surprising part was the panel itself, which was complete with Ravagers in full makeup and costume! The Ravagers invaded Hall H through the rear doors and stormed the stage.

Here’s what we learned about Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 from SDCC:

  1. Star Lord’s father is… Ego! Yes, THAT Ego – the living planet! Kurt Russell will be playing the anthropomorphic form of Ego who traveled to Earth to interact with humans. This, of course, explains why Quill’s father was, in the first film, described as being something “incredibly old” that the Nova Corps had never seen before: Like all other planets, Ego was created billions of years ago. It remains to be seen just how the whole planet-impregnating-a-human thing worked, but, thanks to footage shared at the panel, we do know that Ego went out of his way to make a penis for himself.
  2. Pom Klementieff’s Mantis is going to be quite different from the Mantis of Marvel Comics. For one thing, she isn’t green. Based on the concept art poster released exclusively at San Diego Comic Con, as well as the footage shared at the panel, Mantis will take on a slightly more human shade (apparently there isn’t room for two green girls in the Guardians of the Galaxy), but she’ll retain her trademark empathic powers. Additionally, while she may look slightly more human, Mantis is going to be an alien in the film. According to director James Gunn, Mantis is an alien, and she and Ego have known each other for her whole life. The extent and nature of their relationship remains to be seen.
  3. Baby Groot is the most adorable thing this world has ever seen. Okay, we pretty much already knew that, but it’s still important to note. In footage shared at the panel, fans got to see baby Groot in action, having grown just big enough to leave his pot. And, in a complete reversal of the original film, Groot will be hanging out on Rocket’s shoulder! We got to see tiny Groot assist Rocket and Yondu break out of captivity. And that brings me to…
  4. Yondu is officially a Guardian of the Galaxy! Yes, he has finally gone (somewhat) legit. And in addition to the change of label, Yondu has also made a change of accessories. The mohawk he sported in Guardians of the Galaxy has gotten an upgrade, in the form of a beta “fin”. This fin takes Yondu’s powers up a notch, as seen in footage debuted at the convention. In it, Yondu dons his new headgear and summons his arrow to kill not just a few adversaries, but an entire prison’s worth of enemies. It’s in slow motion, and it looks exactly as cool as it sounds.
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy will be coming to Disneyland with its very own ride! Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT will hopefully open at the theme park next summer, around the time that Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 hits theaters. The ride will have park-goers coming to Rocket’s assistance as he tries to break his fellow Guardians out of prison.

That’s all we have for now, but keep an eye out for more Guardians of the Galaxy news from 4 Your Excitement!