New Star Trek Beyond Clip Hints At The Spock/Uhura Relationship Progression

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Star Trek Beyond is approaching at warp speed, and here’s a little clip from their Facebook page to whet your appetites.

In Star Trek: Into Darkness we saw everyone’s favourite half-Vulcan develop a budding relationship with Uhura, but it looks like things aren’t going so well.

In this clip we see Uhura, played by the sci-fi queen Zoe Saldana, breaking up with Spock (Zachary Quinto). Uhura offers back a necklace Spock gave her that belonged to his mother, but he insists she keep it. She offers him a sad kiss on the cheek, it’s pretty touching. And I’m sure context will only add to the emotion of the moment.


It seems the power couple of the bridge aren’t going to be making it through this one unscathed. But luckily Spock’s got Bones to help him decode the mysteries of the human heart.

“If an Earth-girl says ‘it’s me, not you’,” he quips, “it’s definitely you.” Very helpful, thanks Bones.

The pair are both good friends with Captain Kirk, and are often equated with his head and his heart, with Spock bringing the logic and Bones the emotion. The two of them haven’t had much of a chance for on screen bonding as of yet, but this time around we’re going to see a little more of them in action.

At a fan event in May, Quinto teased: “These are two characters who are historically pretty diametrically opposed, so I think there’s also a lot of humor that comes from that and, like Karl said, a lot of depth. And I really do think they finish this film with a deeper appreciation for one another than when they started it.”

We can’t wait to see Kirk’s right hand men spending a little more quality time together.

Star Trek Beyond whizzes into cinemas July 22nd. Watch the trailer below.

Sneh Rupra