Nathan Fillion On His Karaoke Past, One Life To Live, And Raising Money For Charity At Nerd HQ

Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE

If there is anyone who loves Nerd HQ as much as Zachary Levi, it’s probably Nathan Fillion. A steadfast participant since the event’s inception, Fillion returned in 2016 for what has become his patented panel: questions, conversation, and “random crap.”

A massive nerd in his own right, Fillion always has an array of geeky gear and accessories to auction off for Operation Smile. Partway through his panel he said to the crowd, “Thanks for helping me clean out my closet guys!” Fans enthusiastically replied as if to say the pleasure was all theirs. They didn’t hold back either.

Fillion brought shirts, merchandise, and fan art from his own series like Castle and Firefly as well as a Spock bathrobe, bluetooth speakers, Batman and Darth Vader onesies and more. Inside his leather jacket from the film White Noise 2, he wrote, “This is mine, now it’s yours. Nathan Fillion.” And that’s pretty much the tone for all of the auctioned items.

Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE
Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE

But in between and during the auctioning portion, Fillion spoke casually about his career and life and answered questions from the audience. Affable and charming, every story he told was entertaining, including the meticulous process to make himself into a character in Halo. He also shared about his humble beginnings singing karaoke in a pizza joint in Canada to get gas money for his truck.

As always with Fillion, the conversation turned to his most well known roles. But before he became famous as Malcolm Reynolds or Richard Castle, he was Joey on One Life to Live. It’s an experience he feels incredibly grateful for because it taught him about working hard, crafting your acting, and being unafraid to ask for help.

Though the audience avoided most of the routine questions, they did ask what superhero he would like to play. He countered with an idea to play a villain or two instead. Fillion’s idea is to be a villain whose face is mangled and then play his own more handsome but still evil doppelganger. Who wouldn’t watch that movie?

Stephanie Coats