Lord Have Mercy! Stephen Amell Previews Arrow Season Five In Shirtless Set Pic

Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW

When Stephen Amell took to Facebook yesterday to post the first behind-the-scenes picture of his character Oliver Queen for Arrow’s season five, little did we know what a game changer this one would be. And oh boy, we weren’t prepared for all the shirtless glory.

Amell has kept his fans and followers up to date on his current work-out routine by tweeting about it and even delivering some of the action in video format on his Facebook account. From the looks of it he has been working hard, and as we all know, hard work pays off.

The Canadian actor shows off the results of his strict training in this latest season five set picture. Congratulations on your everything, Mister Amell. He does claim that we will love season five of Arrow in his Twitter bio, and so far he is right.

 The picture tells a story itself. Amell is back to sporting a wig. Many fans were a little skeptical, as season three’s Hong Kong flashback wig was one of the more interesting looks on the show. Amell was quick to defend this year’s prop, however, calling it “tremendous”.

What the wig tells us about the picture is that Amell was most definitely shooting a flashback scene. The 2010-version of Oliver Queen had been stranded back on Lian Yu, working a mission for ARGUS and Amanda Waller. He was also hanging out with Constantine and coming into contact with quite a lot of black magic. During last season’s final flashback moments, Oliver had promised a dying Taiana that he would go to Russia to find her family.

Ever since the first season, we know that Oliver had been (and continues to be) involved in the Bratva, the Russian mob. Finding out why and how he ended up in Russia was always one of the more interesting aspects of the show’s flashbacks. It seems that season five will finally deliver some answers. From the looks of it, Oliver has gotten himself into a bloody mess. (If you didn’t spot the blood stains on his torso right away, that’s cool. We understand.)

Before Oliver returns to Starling City in 2012, he will have to fight his way through the rough streets of Russia. He also has a lot more hair to grow. Either way, we couldn’t be more excited to follow him on this particular journey.

Season five is most likely the final season of Arrow’s flashback story, as each season tells one year of Oliver’s absence. How, and if, Arrow will continue to integrate flashbacks into season six and counting has yet to be determined. We wouldn’t mind seeing what other characters were up to in the five years that Oliver went through hell.

In previous seasons, we have gotten glimpses of Felicity’s and Diggle’s past. We even saw some of how Oliver’s friends and family dealt with his presumed death. Flashbacks continue to be a focal point of the show, and we’re curious to see where the showrunners will take our heroes in future seasons.

Until then, feast your eyes on what’s to come for season five.

Keep your fingers crossed for a kick-ass preview at next week’s San Diego Comic Con!

Arrow returns with season five October 5th at 8/7ct on The CW

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