Just What Does Game Of Thrones’ The Mountain Look Like Under That Helmet?

Credit: HBO

With Game of Thrones on hiatus, it’s a good time to look back on the series and basically fangirl all over the place about the incredible season we have had. It is also a great time for the actors to relax and reveal some hidden gems from the set which were previously unseen.

One of the mysteries from the series that was sort of revealed in “The Winds of Winter” was just what does the Mountain look like underneath that helmet?!? Like I said we did get a glimpse of what Clegane looks like under that helmet in the season finale when the Mountain took it off, before he began to torture Septa Unella because of her treatment of Cersei while she was imprisoned in season 5. The glimpse we got wasn’t much to talk about as the scene was darkly lit and the camera was only on him for a second.( And maybe that was for good reason.)

But for those who wanted to see a better image of The Mountain without the helmet, then you are in luck as actor Hafþór J Björnsson tweeted an image of himself in character as The Mountain without the helmet, and it does give you a shock when you first take a look:

The image came with the caption “Behind the scenes…” and is not what I was expecting to get to see during the show’s hiatus, but it is impressive how much special effects goes into The Mountain’s face, even though it is covered most of the time with the helmet. Although I can’t be the only person who wondered what the Mountain looked like after he was resurrected by Qyburn following his poisoning by the Red Viper, Oberyn Martell, during their duel which was to decide the outcome of Tyrion’s trial. Viewers will remember that although Clegane killed Oberyn by crushing his skull during the duel, Oberyn managed to scratch Clegane with his poison-tipped spear and thus needed to be resurrected, although clearly the resurrection was not as quick and painless as Jon Snow’s was.

Unfortunately we won’t get another chance to see The Mountain until some time next year when season 7 starts so until then, let’s not dwell on what exactly Qyburn did to Clegane to make his face look like that, because I’d rather not know about that!

Kayleigh Falvey