Jonathan Tucker Lets Us Into Jay Kulina’s Head

Credit: Audience
Credit: Audience

If you’re up to date with Kingdom, you’ll know a lot changed in this week’s episode. Lisa’s back and ready to rock the boat, and Jay just might be clawing his way up from rock bottom… but he had to go through some pretty heavy stuff with Alvey.

EW caught up with Jonathan Tucker (soon to star in Starz’s adaptation of American Gods!) about the ups and downs Jay’s faced. “The scene where he says he won’t corner me — for me, that’s maybe the most pivotal scene in the 10 episodes,” Tucker said.

Last time around, Alvey picked Jay’s corner over Ryan’s, and although Ryan’s causing trouble in the gym too, at least he’s taking his training seriously. Jay, on the other hand, has been MIA since the fight, sequestered in a motel room with Ava getting high out of his mind. I for one don’t blame Alvey at all.

“It’s the last wisps of, ‘Can you be my dad?’ And when he doesn’t, it’s this really liberating thing. Because finally I don’t have to have these expectations,” Tucker continued. Jay hasn’t exactly had an easy relationship with his dad, but his success at the fight was supposed to solidify it, not break it apart.

“When we shot it, I said, ‘I want to be able to turn around in the middle of the speech when he’s saying he’s not going to corner me and I want to look out through the windows that he looks out through every day, the same windows that he sees other fighters out there, and I want to see those fighters the way he sees me right now, which is just like any of those replaceable bodies training out there,'” Tucker said.

“And then to finally just be able to let it go. I finally, totally see how he sees me. And I don’t have to be concerned with this anymore.” It’s a big change in attitude from Jay… he certainly needed an attitude adjustment, but now he’s been driven away from both his mum and his dad. That’s not going to turn out well in the long run.

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