Did Frank Grillo Just Tease A Huge MCU Spoiler?!

Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

Did Frank Grillo just give away a massive MCU spoiler?!

Talking to ABC about his current film The Purge: Election Year, the hard-man gave us a little Marvel teaser too.

As we all know, he plays the villain Crossbones, who we saw get blown up in Civil War in an attempt to kill Captain America. With a little help from Scarlett Witch, he ended up trapped in a forcefield with his own bomb and kapow! That’s that … or so we thought.

“You think he dies, don’t you?” Grillo said, smiling, before adding, “Did you see the body?”

Well, technically no!

”What did you see?” he asked. There was an explosion and plenty of fire, sure, but to borrow from Game of Thrones, fire cannot kill a dragon. Rumlow’s transition into Crossbones definitely changed a few things about him!

The horrendous burns all over his body may bely some kind of fire-immunity, not to mention Black Widow’s electric-shock widow bites didn’t affect him during their fight. He even taunted her by saying “I don’t work that way no more!” 

So the only conclusion to be drawn is that Crossbones might be making a comeback in future MCU movies!

It’s not like he hasn’t survived a burning building falling on him before, right?

“That happened last time. I’m not saying anything except that…you didn’t see a body,” Grillo said, infuriatingly. This is probably as close to a confirmation that we’ll get that we haven’t seen the last of him!

On top of his Marvel role, The Purge franchise has helped the 51-year-old fighter on his way to becoming household name.

If you need a little more Grillo and you can’t wait for Crossbones’ next appearance, why don’t you give Kingdom a shot? It’s an Audience Network show about Grillo’s character Alvey Kulina, an aging MMA fighter, struggling to juggle running his own gym with his complicated family life. It’s definitely worth a watch.

We can’t wait to see more Crossbones, especially if he get’s to taunt Steve Rogers a little more!

Sneh Rupra