There’s “No Fault” On This Week’s Kingdom

Credit: Entertainment Weekly
Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Who’s ready for some fresh faces?

In this week’s Kingdom, we meet Alicia’s party-going Floridian sister Ava, who rolls into Navy St. in her Mercedes. To the surprise of no one, it’s Jay she hits it off with: after a brief, flirtatious conversation, she wheedles Alicia into coming out with her for the night. It turns out that Ava is a model, too — and honestly, we couldn’t expect anything less from Jay’s rebound choice.

We then catch up briefly with Christina’s stint in rehab. Spoiler: it isn’t going super well.  Though she isn’t exactly on her best behavior, we do see that she’s only sleeping with her warden so that she can get away with things, like sneaking out past curfew to see Jay. More on that in a bit.

The pertinent issue, as usual, is Alvey — who is, as usual, a mess. After an altercation with a cyclist on the road, Alvey, already feeling some serious tension, goes to check up on Ryan and his injury. He arranges a doctor’s appointment in light of Ryan’s upcoming fight. And what does the doc tell Ryan? To only fight if he thinks he’s capable. No matter how bad the pain is, we know one thing for certain: Ryan won’t pull out of a fight for anything.

It’s a bad day for Alvey all around, as he sits his sons down to tell them about Lisa and the baby. While Jay and the Mendez sisters go out to have a drink or three, Alvey takes an evening to kick back and nurse his alcoholism. He calls up Ryan to tell him whats happened, because he recognizes that Ryan and Lisa are still, in some ways, family. Ryan wants to call, but Alvey advises him against it. For once, he’s not wrong: Lisa probably does need some more time to deal.

Meanwhile, back with Jay and the Mendez girls, things are going surprisingly fine — that is, right up until Jay takes his leave, and Ava and Alicia find themselves in the middle of an altercation by a food truck, Alicia goes into protective mode, beating down an angry bystander who’s threatened her sister. As they explained to Jay earlier in the night, some things don’t change: growing up, Ava was always the model, and Alicia was always her “bodyguard.” Old habits die hard, but the girls make it out alright, and decide to head back before anything else can happen.

Nate, on the other hand, is not having such an easy night. Nate goes to a party with Bob, who invited him over on the pretense of training. It’s a sleazy place, and Nate makes a dangerous mistake: he orders a drink that he didn’t make himself. Drugged, Nate winds up having a threesome with a man and a woman while Bob watches. The next morning, woken by Bob’s equally sleazy assistant, Nate — rightfully — loses his mind. He threatens Bob’s assistant vividly, and then takes his leave.

What’s next for Navy St? Hopefully some more Lisa. Kingdom airs Wednesdays on Audience Network.

Emily Suazo