There Is “No Beast So Fierce” As In This Week’s Penny Dreadful

Credit: Showtime
Credit: Showtime

Last week’s episode of Penny Dreadful had us acquiring a new girl crush, Catriona Hartdegen. The badass thanatologist is exactly what this show needs to spice up the Dracula storyline. I mean who wouldn’t have a crush on a girl who fences and studies the dead?

So, what else did you miss on last week’s episode?

The Last Dance: The episode begins with Vanessa going on a mission to find Lyle, to see what he knows about her admirer Dracula. However, she finds Lyle packing for a trip to Cairo, which could be extended indefinitely – NOOOOOO. He tells Vanessa to only think of him when she dances and she tells him that she will have to dance more often, and with that he tells Vanessa to find Catriona while he is away. Vanessa finds her at a fencing match, which she wins with the help of a bit of cheating. Vanessa and Catriona then go out for some tea, where Vanessa tells her that she needs to find Dracula. Catriona explains that if Dracula wanted Vanessa she would already be dead. However, Vanessa explains that he does not want her death, just her submission. My BFF senses are tingling. Catriona explains that Dracula will try to isolate her, and that her best defense is to surround herself with people she loves. This leads to Vanessa making her way for drinks with Dr. Seward. Seward tells Vanessa the story of how she killed her husband and stood trial in NYC – claiming that once you’ve done that, you know what it means to be alone. However, Seward pushes Vanessa to see Dr. Sweet – collective UH-OH is appropriate here.

Some Unnatural History: Vanessa then heads off to the Museum of Natural History and tells Sweet that she is being hunted by Dracula. He makes an analogy to the vampire bat and then tells Vanessa: “I love you for who you are, not who the world wants you to be.” If we didn’t already know he was Dracula, his quick acceptance that vampires are real should have probably been a red flag. However, my twisted heart still ships them and the two have sex on the floor of the museum. My Ethan x Vanessa heart is screaming that this too shall pass, while my trash-y shipper heart is saying DAMNNNNNNNN GIRL GET IT. 

Girl Fight: Meanwhile across town, Dorian is getting super pissed off that his mansion is now overrun with by women. Justine even pulls rank and attempts to slit Dorian’s throat during a demonstration, claming that he has commited crimes against women that were committed against her. Dorian is pretty fed up with Justine, and so am I. Lily tells Dorian that “She has the soul of me. The very heart of who I was before I was this. She has the anger and the hate and the loss.” Dorian asks if she could just drop everything and Lily of course thinks not. Later, Justine and the other women catch Victor sneaking into the mansion. Justine with her razor at Victor’s throat spares Victor due to Lily’s command. I guess she still has a soft side for him. We also see Dorian start to take Victor’s side – womp, womp. 

Family Reunion: Ethan and his father’s stand off is interrupted by Rusk and Ostow showing up to arrest everyone. Talbot responds by hosting the world’s weirdest effing dinner party. Talbot orders Ethan to say grace, Malcolm tries to stand up for Ethan, but is shut down when Talbot claims Ethan killed his entire family – which we know isn’t completely true. Ethan says a *eff everyone grace, and him and Hecate dig in to their food like starving animals. Meanwhile, Talbot shoots Ostow. Then Rusk asks about the snakes, which triggers Hecate to go into her nightcrawler form. Rusk shoots her, Ethan shoots Rusk, and Kaeteney appears shooting a man who was about to kill Malcolm. Hecate dies in Ethan’s arms promising hell awaits them both – how nice. Malcolm, Ethan, and Kaeteney go after Talbot who is back in the church. Huge showdown occurs, Ethan runs down the aisle aims at his father’s head but can’t pull the trigger. Ethan walks away, but Sir Malcolm fires. Womp – Talbot down.


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