The Rock Releases The Trailer For His YouTube Channel

Credit: Warner Bros
Credit: Warner Bros

Oh Dwayne Johnson, is there anything that you can’t do?

Between his various projects and his latest app (ROCK CLOCK!), Johnson has been very busy with his fingers in many metaphorical pies.

Now he’s decided to beef up his YouTube presence by giving his channel a makeover.

And he’s released a trailer to show it.

The trailer? It’s filled with typical Rock-like humor giving us something expected with BOOM an unexpected twist.

Does this man even sleep? Or does he just gain his power from the sun?

Like, let’s be real here for a moment, is the Rock Superman? Because I have theories.

The trailer is totally amazing, right?! I’m still grinning from it.

The brand new channel will include videos from the Rock along with scripted series. The brand will also be working with like-minded people which will include a “monthly collaboration with top digital talent.” 

The Rock has pretty much CRUSHED all other aspects of his social media profile. And I see that as a huge fan of Johnson (and someone who would love to work with him one day). It’s clear that since his YouTube Channel was lacking, he’s decided to make it something big.

Credit where credit is due the man is a genius about content development and social media.

The channel itself will be run by Studio71’s Director of Digital Content, Scott Brown.

The new and improved YouTube channel will make its debut on July 18th.

Bec Heim