Taika Waititi’s What We Do In The Shadows Sequel Will Focus On Werewolf Politics

Credit; Unison Films
Credit; Unison Films

Taika Waititi is currently the man of the moment. Well…he’s my man of the moment anyway.

The New Zealand director, who is about to start work on Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok is currently enjoying amazing success with his brilliant comedy Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

It’s the cult classic What We Do In The Shadows that’s also being raised up again.

The hilariously funny mockumentary about vampires was released in 2014 and was co-directed with Jermaine Clement, from Flight of the Conchords. There has been a new sequel discussed, but with Waititi being so busy filming it’s still waiting in the wings.

The new project is titled We’re Wolves and focuses on the werewolves in the first movie and the battle for the position of Alpha Male in the werewolf gang.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Waititi said: “We want to do it, and we’re coming up with story ideas,” He went on to say  “The first film took us about seven years to make, and we don’t want to do that again. It’s a lot easier now that we have all the characters, and we know how we want to do it, and we know that we can do it. The first time we were doing it, we had no idea what we were trying to do, really. It’s not like we were inventing the mockumentary genre, but doing it with special effects, and trying to figure that all out, and make it funny, was a really, really long process.”

Waititi also starred in the original as Viago.

The sequel will also bring back Rhys Darby and Stuart Rutherford, who were in What We Do In The Shadows.

The same werewolf actors would come back,” said Waititi. ”It would basically be Rhys and Stu vying for position as the alpha male in the werewolf gang.”

Darby and Waititi also make appearances in Hunt for the Wilderpeople.  Darby plays Psycho Sam, a conspiracy survivalist living in the New Zealand bushland.

Waititi plays a Minister and delivers one of the most hilariously confusing scenes in the movie.

Of his pal Darby, Waititi said, “It’s basically Rhys playing himself in 40 years, because he’s into all this s—t. He’s into UFOs and X-Files and all that”

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is currently in cinema’s in Australia and New Zealand. It will be released in the USA on June 24th and in the UK on September 16th

You can see the trailers for Hunt for the Wilderpeople and What We Do in the Shadows, below:

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