Pearl Mackie Shares Her First Day On The Doctor Who Set


Back in April, we reported that Pearl Mackie would be the Doctor’s latest companion in the form of Bill, and although we won’t be seeing her in action until series 10 airs in 2017, we did get a glimpse of Mackie on set over the last few days, courtesy of the official Doctor Who Twitter page.

The clip, which was released yesterday, gave a small insight into the first day on location for filming and showed the crew adding fake snow to some greenery, which actually doesn’t give us much to go on for the upcoming season, only that at some stage in the new season there will be snow! Entertainment Weekly went so far as to say that perhaps we may see Bill before series 10, in the Christmas Special, but as of right now that is all speculation, although it is a very good theory.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the location filming took place, “outside a university building at Cathays Park in Cardiff, Wales.” While filming the behind the scenes video, Mackie looked super excited to be working on set, “It’s my first day on location! It’s mad, it’s really exciting. There’s loads of fans!”

To be fair, who wouldn’t be excited to be on set of Doctor Who with the new companion! We all want to know more about her and I personally can’t wait to see Bill in a full episode so that we can really see what the character is like.

Two people we didn’t get to see in the clip were The Doctor himself and Matt Lucas’ character Nardole who we know is making a return in the upcoming series, but there is plenty of time to get to see these characters and find out even more about the 10th series before it airs in 2017. Until then, I can’t wait to see what other updates on the show that might come our way!

Kayleigh Falvey