More Details Emerge About The Rogue One Reshoots

Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Since the news broke that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was to undergo extensive reshoots over the summer, rumours have abounded about the state of the first Star Wars spin-off film. From Disney execs feeling it did not “test well” to calls for calm as these reshoots were always planned, it has been hard for fans to work our exactly what is going on and whether we should start panicking for our beloved series. After all, the first teaser trailer released back in April looked mighty impressive, holding so much potential for another epic space outing. While Disney and Lucasfilm have kept pretty mum on the reshoots, the latest information appears not as dire as we might have been lead to believe. sources claim that while the reshoots will be extensive, it is not because the film is bad per se, more that they want to make a film that is more even. And no doubt one that both pleases fans and does justice to the franchise, though coming off the success of The Force Awakens, that’s a tough act to follow.

What appears to be the case is that director Gareth Edwards is doing the reshoots himself alongside Rogue One writer Christopher McQuarrie. There are also some reports that J.J. Abrams may be involved in some capacity, though this would seem unlikely given he has moved on from the franchise. At this stage it looks like about 40% of the film is going to be reshot – yes that does sound like a lot. sources were keen to stress that the fault does not lie with Edwards, but more was a result of McQuarrie being brought on as the final writer on Rogue One, and that though much of his script had yet to be completed before much of the current film was shot, his version was considered superior to what they were currently working with and so they decided to go with his script. By changing the script at this late stage, the resulting film felt “uneven” and a lot of the reshoots are to rectify this. It is for this reason that McQuarrie will be working with Edwards on the reshoots to ensure they are on the “same page”.

Reports suggest that 32 sets have been recreated for the reshoot and in order to get the work done, cast and crew will be working 6 days a week for the 8 week reshoot.

Given the movie does not come out until December (and there’s been no suggestion that the reshoots will result in a delay in the film’s release), they still have six months to polish. Although some of the crew joked with’s Jason Ward that “everything” was being reshot, it does not outwardly appear that they are at their battle stations rapidly trying to save a sinking ship. At least not yet. And if we get a Empire Strikes Back-level film rather than Revenge of the Sith (I think if it was at The Phantom Menace levels we would have heard), well we all win.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is due in cinemas December 16.

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