Mindy Takes Texas In This Week’s The Mindy Project

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

This week’s The Mindy Project has Mindy visiting warmer climates and reuniting with everyone’s favorite goofball doctor, Peter Prentice. Allegedly, when Peter visited to help Mindy through her near nervous breakdown, the two booked Mindy a five-day trip after consuming several margaritas. Even though Mindy is super busy, Peter’s pleas eventually wear her down and she agrees to take the trip.

New Faces in Old Places

Mindy drops Leo off at Danny’s apartment, AKA her old apartment, only for a beautiful brunette to open the door. While maybe she is just the tiniest bit jealous, Mindy manages to leave Leo, after the door slams in her face. Down in Texas, she complains to her best friend about the situation, and thinks that maybe she should spend more time trying to find a man. Oh, Mindy.

When Peter suggests she relax and scope out the guys down in Austin, Mindy takes the idea and runs with it. After dinner with Peter and Lauren, the latter takes Mindy to her room that she just happens to share with a creepy looking reptile named Martin. Lauren, who has never been particularly kind to Mindy, makes a comment about becoming friends, so Mindy gets to the bottom of it: Peter has been acting suspicious and Lauren wants Mindy to find out what is going on.

The Pool Man

Mindy is bored while Peter and Lauren are working, and Rosa the nanny is pretty standoffish, so she takes matters into her own hands. After stalking Danny on Facebook for awhile, Mindy decides to take a chance on talking to the super handsome “pool boy,” Diego. Although Rosa warned her that Lauren would not like Mindy talking to him, she goes for it anyways, dressed in a Garfield t-shirt and basketball shorts, nonetheless.

What would normally be a meet-cute in a romantic comedy is overtaken by Mindy’s clumsiness and love of food, when she falls in the pool and simultaneously tries to save her popsicle from the chlorine. Diego helps her out, but not without some struggle. “Don’t make those labored sounds when you try to lift me,” Mindy yells. “It’s not that hard!”

When Mindy goes back inside to whine to Rosa, the nanny wants nothing to do with her. In fact, she forces Mindy to walk to the store to replace the now melted popsicles she left out. And, just as Mindy is en route to the register, popsicles in hand, she sees Peter.

A Victimless Crime

Peter, the lovable idiot that he is, is just hanging out in a lawn chair, watching Lifetime, when Mindy catches him. Since moving to Texas, it turns out that he would rather be at home with Henry than delivering someone else’s baby. Even after sending in a fake obituary to his former practice, Peter refuses to tell Lauren that he leaves with her every morning, waits until the coast is clear, and returns home, all the while feeding her storylines from Grey’s Anatomy.

Mindy is adamant that Peter needs to come clean, as Lauren believes he is having an affair. Peter is prepared to do just that, until, upon their arrival, Lauren storms outside raging at Mindy for sexually harassing Diego. Apparently Diego is not a pool boy, but a genius contractor they hired to do their pool. Thanks for the head’s up, Martin.

Metaphors Galore

Diego agrees to come to dinner, and accepts Mindy’s apology, knowing that breakups can make us do silly things. Meanwhile, Lauren the neurosurgeon wants to know how Izzy’s brain cancer is doing… Thank goodness for Diego, who acknowledges that all of Peter’s “co-workers” are entirely fictitious and a product of Shonda Rimes’ imagination. When Peter finally admits what he has been doing, Lauren asks Mindy to leave them alone so she will feel more comfortable screaming.

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

While walking by herself, Diego pulls up in his truck and offers Mindy a ride. The two commiserate on the difficulties of co-parenting with an ex. Peter calls her back to the house to appeal to Lauren, and after reading between the lines, Mindy figures out that Lauren’s erratic behavior is because she is pregnant. “I’m a great OB/GYN, but an even better detective,” Mindy replies, when Lauren asks how she knew.

Meanwhile, hottie Diego is waiting downstairs for Mindy, and essentially propositions her for sex. The photo below is the actual look on Mindy’s face once Diego leaves.

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

I am not quite sure how she turned him down, as she had a perfectly good hotel room for the night, but she did. Sometimes you just need to spend time with those you love.

Fingers crossed that Diego makes an appearance in New York, because he was lovely and kind to Mindy, and also incredibly good looking. He also assured her that he isn’t a fan of the city, so if he visited, they probably shouldn’t leave her apartment. Damn! He’s got game!

This episode was cute and funny, and I can never complain when Peter Prentice is involved. I am glad to see Mindy making herself a priority, and also using her head a little bit more. Sometimes she dives right in and follows her heart, but a little caution never hurt anyone.

We are getting close to the season four finale… What cliffhanger will Mindy and the gang bring us to in the next few weeks?!

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