Mindy Scores A Touchdown In This Week’s The Mindy Project

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The prodigal doctor has returned from Texas and Mindy is in for a few surprises this week. Her time with BFF Peter and hot contractor Diego has obviously done her well, and she is ready to get back to business. Things have changed in her absence, though, and we all know how well Mindy deals with change…

Good News and Bad News

While distributing the impersonal airport gifts she bought for her friends, Mindy learns that Dr. Jody has * gasp * a girlfriend! Jody, who is sporting some hot facial hair this week, relays the story of how he met his girlfriend at the gym and Mindy is fake-happy for him. Whatever this…thing…happening with these two is, Mindy is so not happy to see Jody off the market.

The good news is that Later, Baby! got a call from Princeton – Mindy Lahiri’s alma mater – to give a presentation on the upcoming Saturday. Mindy and Morgan feel betrayed when Jody announces he will be out of town for the weekend with his girlfriend, Courtney, and will not change his plans. Later, when they are prepping materials, Mindy reenacts with Morgan that weird moment she and Jody had on the couch a few weeks back. The one where he romantically brushed her hair away from her face.

More Bad News

Jody decides to play martyr and cancels his weekend with Courtney to give the presentation, but Courtney is going to come along! Yay? On the car ride, things get a little hostile between the women, with Mindy judging the redhead at every turn (to be fair, Courtney is super annoying). Upon arriving at Princeton, the gang run into trouble when they realize the auditorium has been double booked. It turns out their presentation is scheduled for the same day…next year. Oopsies.

Mindy charms the football coach that was set to utilize the auditorium for the afternoon, finding out the two went to school there together. Just as the crew has packed up, the coaches switch their plans to free up the space for Later, Baby! Mindy and the cutie head coach, Drew, run around campus recruiting attendees for the presentation. While Morgan and Jody reset for the talk, the former warns the latter about messing with Mindy’s feelings. The presentation goes off without a hitch and, when all is said and done, Later, Baby! has 16 new patients.

Drama, Drama, Drama

After the presentation, Mindy, Morgan, Jody, and Courtney head to a bar that has a special place in Mindy’s heart. Coach Drew shows up, and as he and Mindy begin to flirt, Courtney causes problems again, as she is literally allergic to everything and nothing makes her happy. Jody and Mindy argue about Courtney, prompting Drew to leave, and the rest of the crew to retreat to their hotel rooms for the night.

As Jody and Courtney get ready for bed, even Jody seems irritated by his girlfriend’s constant sneezing and other problems. She mentions offhand that he left his belt buckle in the car, and hands him a box with a bow on it. When Jody opens the box, he finds a large belt buckle with his name on it – the mysterious final gift that Mindy never gave. He heads to the “front desk” to make things right with Mindy.

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The doctors are in the middle of hashing things out, and just when Jody is about to ask Mindy about the belt buckle, Morgan interrupts to make sure nothing happens. He shoos Jody away, ever the protector of his friend.

Credit: Hulu


After the awkward conversation with Jody, Mindy gets a text from Drew asking her out for dinner. Over the dining hall meal, the two make silly jokes and the coach asks her out on another date (he’ll be in Manhattan next week). Mindy eagerly accepts and is positively giddy at the crude sexual jokes the coach makes.

The following morning on the drive home, Mindy apologizes for being late and Morgan complains that she never came back to the hotel last night. Courtney is excited for Mindy and the girls share a fun moment of girl talk. Mindy makes a few sexy puns of her own as the car rides off into the sunrise.

Yay! Finally, a love interest for Mindy that isn’t a misogynistic coworker of hers!

This episode was all kinds of awesome for several reasons. Mindy is back to her goofy, dirty self and killing it in her professional life. The whole Dr. Jody situation has been avoided for now (and hopefully forever). Coach Drew is funny, adorable, kind, and, I repeat, does not work in the same office as Mindy. I consider this pick a win all-around, and I hope to see him on the show again!

Also, Mindy got her groove back. You go, girl!

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