Jay’s The King Beast This Week On Kingdom!

Credit: Audience

It’s the week of the big fight, and our episode opens with Alvey once more spilling his guts to his therapist – he’s missing Lisa, “hanging on by a f***ing thin thread,” he says, and I don’t blame him! He’s not having the best time right now – not only in terms of both personal and professional drama, but on top of that, here come the law suits! We see Alvey being questioned over Chapas’ death – he’s got a good cover story, but his defensiveness could get him into trouble! To pile more on the poor guy’s plate, remember that cyclist he hit last week? He’s back and suing Alvey for half a million! Who does Alvey go to for help? Garo, the fight coordinator, who’s a dab hand at lawsuits – especially sexual harassment ones, apparently. He’s going to get his lawyer ‘Foxy Roxy’ to “sort it out” … yeah. So that’s going to go about as well as everything else in Alvey’s life.

Now, Alvey’s not the only one in therapy – Christina’s trying to “re-establish boundaries” with her sleazy therapist. He tries to stop her from going to Jay’s fight, but eventually gives in … not without resentment, however, as we see later in the episode.

Anyway, on to the big event! It’s Kulina vs. Wheeler, Navy St. vs. Navy St. in this: the showdown of showdowns! And how are our fighters dealing with the pressure? Well, Jay manages to display more grace and class sitting on the toilet than Ryan ever has in his life. Ryan’s leg is still causing him trouble, but he’s so rude to everyone around him that I could muster up any sympathy for him even if I wanted to. Jay, on the other hand, tells Nate he won’t take advantage of Ryan’s injury – a true gentleman! He’s also hoping for a little action tonight as Ava wishes him luck in her own uniquely saucy way, whereas Ryan seems pretty disinterested in Alicia when she reaches out to him.

Speaking of the lovely Mendez sisters, we find out a little more about them this episode. Ava’s pretty loose with money, booking a hotel suite for the after party, and the audience isn’t the only one who notices something off about her – Alvey has too! He and Alicia go for a drink before the fight, and they have a pretty candid conversation – not about the fight, but about their personal lives. Alicia reveals her mother died when they were young and her father’s in prison, but the conversation ends on a hopeful note – they toast to Alicia turning out as great as she has, and Alvey calls her “one of the family.” It’s a sweet moment amidst all the crazy tension!

“So many storylines, so much drama, but we know one thing for certain: we’re in for a great night,” announce the commentators after going to town on Jay and Ryan’s backstories … and they’re not wrong! The tension’s so high that Alvey stays in a bar across the street and tells Alicia to text him the result – and I almost wished I could do the same!

On to the fight: Jay takes some bad hits at first, but essentially pulls through. With some stellar use of music by the show, there’s an agonising few minutes of Ryan in a hold and Jay begging him to tap out so he won’t have to break his arm, Eventually Ryan passes out and Jay wins the fight – the outcome we were all hoping for! – except he’s just worried about his friend. The tone is hardly celebratory at all as the gang make their way to the after party suite, although Ava finally does get lucky with Jay!

Conversely, Keith helps Ryan limp home in shame, whilst Alvey leaves a touching message on Jay’s phone. He then heads in to basically tell Ryan to stop whining. Things are pretty tense between the two of them – earlier, the fact that Alicia knew about Lisa meant that Ryan had told her, despite Alvey asking him not to, and now Ryan feels betrayed that Alvey wasn’t in his corner during the fight. Yeesh.

To end the episode, Christina, back in rehab, is surprised by her drunk therapist who, after attempting to rape her, cries about how terrible his life is. Christina hits him really hard in the head with a heavy vase. Honestly? I hope he’s dead.

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Sneh Rupra