Game Of Thrones’ Season Finale “The Winds Of Winter” Changes The Game Forever

All good things must come to an end, which means fans all over the world will have to wait another year for Game of Thrones to return.

This season has been one for the books indeed. What other show out there can boast that they killed off a major character in every episode?

This season has given us some shocking moments from Hodor’s demise to the surprise returns of Benjen Stark and The Hound along with the highly anticipated back from the dumps rise of House Stark.

Last week’s episode gave us the battle to end all battles but the war for the Throne is far from over. With season 6 coming to a close, one can only hope that one of the biggest questions of the series gets answered in the finale: Is Jon Snow really the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar?

Gather ’round and let’s discuss “The Winds of Winter.”

What You Need To Know:

Kings Landing: The time for Cersei’s trial has arrived but the Queen Regent has no plans on being there. The trial starts without her with Loras pleading guilty for all his crimes and signing his live away to the Faith Militant. Just when it is Cersei’s turn to go,  Margaery notices that she hasn’t arrived and smells a trap. Too bad she’s right: Cersei has enacted her plan for revenge. She traps Tommen in the Red Keep, has the Maester murdered, and sets up Lancel for his death below the trial. Lancel follows one of the many children below the trial building, who ends up stabbing him and leaving him with a candle that is about to blow the building up. And it does, killing everyone in the building (Margaery, Lord Tyrell, Loras and the High Sparrow).

Tommen is told later of Margaery’s death, which doesn’t sit too well with the young king. He ends up jumping out of his window to his death. Cersei meanwhiles then unleashes the Mountain on her former Shamer as punishment. As for Olenna, she takes a meeting with the Sand Snakes and declares war on Kings Landing.

Back at Kings Landing, a ceremony is held as Cersei takes the throne and is declared queen just as Jaime arrives, looking shocked.

In The North: Sansa and Jon share a moment in Winterfell, with Sansa apologizing to Jon about keeping secrets. He forgives her and tells her that they need to trust each other. Later on, Jon is reminiscing with Melisandre about his family when Davos interrupts to tell Jon that she’s a murderer. She does admit to murdering Shireen, which results in her banishment from the North by Jon.

As for Sansa, she confronts Littlefinger about what he wants and he tells her that he wants the throne and she by his side. She rejects his plan and is by Jon’s side as every house in the North pledges fealty to House Stark.

Beyond the Wall: Benjen leaves Meera and Bran and tells them they must go on without him as he’s reached the part of the North he cannot cross. Bran thanks him for helping them and then notices a marking on the tree. He’s about to go into a vision when Meera tries to stop him. He tells her he must and finally goes back to the Tower of Joy vision to finish it. He witnesses his father reaching his Aunt Lyanna before she dies. Young Ned tries to tell her that she will be alright but Lyanna knows her time has come and makes her brother promise to take her baby and protect him by declaring him Ned’s son as she knows that Robert will kill him because he’s a Targaeryn. Ned promises Lyanna and is given the baby boy he brings him to Winterfell as his illegitimate son, who turns out to be Jon Snow. WE HAVE CONFIRMATION!

The Riverlands: Walder Frey rejoices in this episode about having beaten  the Blackfish. He settles down to eat some pie when he notices his sons aren’t around. He asks the servant girl where they are and tells him that they are there with him and points to the desert. Frey puts two and two together and tries to leave when the servant girl grabs him and removes her mask, revealing herself to be Arya Stark. She tells him that she wanted him to see the face of a Stark before dying and slits his throat, finally getting revenge on House Frey for the Red Wedding.

Across the Seas: Daenerys starts to plot out her plan to go to Westeros but first needs to take care of some housekeeping. She dismisses Daario as her lover and tells him that he is to stay in Mereen. He tries to convince her to let him go with her but she refuses him. She then meets up with Tyrion, who tries to comfort her. He tells her that he believes in her and with that, she names him Hand of the Queen.

The finale ends on a high note with Daenerys, Yara, the Unsullied, and the dragons all sailing towards Westeros with the world’s biggest fleet!

And now the wait for season 7 begins. Thanks for watching with us! See you next April!

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