Game Of Thrones Recap: Who Won “The Battle Of The Bastards”?

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The moment that many of fans of Game of Thrones has arrived. All season long, viewers have been waiting on pins and needles for the epic showdown between House Stark and House Bolton for control of the North and Winterfell. Also eagerly anticipated was the return of Daenerys in Mereen; let’s just say she knows how to make an entrance.

Both showdown and Daenerys’ dominance over all have been in the works for seasons.

Ramsay Bolton is one of the most hated characters on the show, and he never fails to up his crazy antics season after season. Between castrating Theon, raping Sansa, and killing his own father and little brother, viewers have been clamor ing for his demise. Did this villain finally get his just desserts?

As for Daenerys, is she finally going to take on Westeros?

Gather ’round and let’s discuss this week’s episode, “Battle of The Bastards”!

What You Need To Know:

In Mereen: Before we get into the epic showdown of the North, there was another epic showdown happening across the Narrow Seas. Mereen is undersiege and on fire, all thanks to the Masters and Tyrion partly. Daenerys isn’t worried though as she plans to destroy them all and every city that gets in her way. Tyrion warns her though that it’s similar to what her father did back in the day. He suggests they try a different way though to fight and conquer the Masters. Later on, Daenerys and her council meet up with the Masters. They think she’s there to surrender but she mocks and tells them that they misunderstood her: she’s there to discuss their surrender. They laughed at first but then Drogon appears and Daenerys flies off on him. She is then later joined by her two other dragon babies and the Dothraki army. Together they take back Mereen. The Masters attempt to leave but as punishment for going back on their agreement, two of them are killed by Greyworm on Tyrion’s orders, and the third is spared as Tyrion wants him to tell everyone about Daenerys and her dragons.

After taking back Mereen, Daenerys is then introduced to the Greyjoys as they have finally arrived in Mereen. They offer her their fleet in return for her help to take back the Iron Islands and make Yara their queen. After flirting a bit with Yara, Daenerys agrees only if they promised to stop pillaging, reaping, and raping. Yara agrees and the two future queens clasp arms, sealing their alliance.

In The North: Jon, Sansa, and company finally make their way to Winterfell and meet up with Ramsay before battle. Jon suggests one on one combat to spare lives and a battle but Ramsay shoots him down and would rather use his army. He then teases the two Starks with Rickon’s life as he shows them his direwolf’s head as proof of life. That gesture leaves very little to be desired with Sansa and Jon and the battle is set for morning.

That night, Jon, Tormund, and Davos discuss strategies without Sansa, which upsets her. She confronts Jon about his plans and begs him once more to wait. Jon tells her he’s fought worse than Ramsay but she tells him she knows more about Ramsay than he does. She also tells him that if he loses, she won’t be going back to Ramsay alive. Jon promises her that he’ll do everything to protect to her, to which she replies that no one can protect her.

The morning comes and Jon and Ramsay are both ready with their armies. Ramsay ups the ante by having Rickon with him. He releases the young Stark and tells him to run for it. Jon and Rickon both run towards each other but alas, Rickon doesn’t make it as Ramsay shoots him down with his bows. This angers Jon, and with that the battle begins. Cue several bloody montages of men losing limbs, horses going down, and guts being spilled as the Bolton army overtakes the Stark army.

All hope looks to be lost as Ramsay has his army form a half circle around Jon’s army to crush them. Jon and company look around to see if they could fight their way when they hear a horn and lo and behold, the Knights of the Vale enter the fray, with Sansa and Baelish watching.

Ramsay’s army goes down, and he tries to run off back into Winterfell. Jon, Tormund, and the Giant follow him and take down the door. Ramsay then kills the giant and decides to do one on one combat instead but he’s no match for Jon, who overtakes him and nearly beats him to death. He stops when Sansa shows up and leaves Ramsay bloody on the ground. Afterwards, the wolf banner is restored to Winterfell, signaling to all that the Wolf flies in the North once more.

Jon restores order to Winterfell and locks Ramsay up with his hounds. Sansa later though pays Ramsay a visit. He teases her about always being a part of her ,and she tells him tha he’ll soon be forgotten. He laughs as he realizes he’s been locked up with his hounds. He tells her that he’s not afraid as they’ll never turn on him. She reminds him that he hasn’t fed them for a week, and they are starving. She turns away from him as the hounds go up to Ramsay, lick him, and then tear him apart.

Quote of the Night:

“You’re going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton. Sleep well.” Sansa

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